2017 Film Selections

/2017 Film Selections


Length: 107mins

Director: 唐季礼

Cast: 成龙、Disha Patani


When Chinese archaeologist Jack was visited by an Indian princess called Ashmita, he did not know what was in store for him, until the latter showed him a thousand-year-old map he had been looking for. Jack sought out Jones Li, son of a dear late friend, and together with Jack’s student Xiaoguang and Nuomin, the team […]

The Song of Sway Lake

Director: Ari Gold
Producers: Michael Bederman, Zak Kilberg, Allison Carter, Ari Gold
Cast: RORY CULKIN as Ollie SwayROBERT SHEEHAN as NikolaiISABELLE MCNALLY as IsadoraMARY BETH PEIL as Charlie SwayELIZABETH PEÑA as MarlenaJACK FALAHEE as Jimmywith Voice Performances byBRIAN DENNEHY as Hal SwayJOHN GRANT as Tweed McKayTHE STAVES as The Eden Sisters
Time: 01:40:00

Synopsis: “The Song of Sway Lake” is […]

A Different Sun

Director: Reed Tang
Producer: Dallas Brannen and Michael Goodin
Cast: Chin Han (Ghost in the shell, Independence Day: Resurgence, Captain America, Final Recipe, Restless, Contagion, 2012, The Dark Knight)
Jing Xu (Blindspot(TV Series), The Knick(TV Series), Unforgettable(TV Series))
Time: 01:27:27

Synopsis: A Chinese family struggles to acclimate a new culture after immigrating to Germany from Shanghai. Eastern and Western culture clash as […]

China Net – An Economic Miracle

Director: Chris D. Nebe
Producer: Chris D. Nebe and JJ Osbun
Cast: Narrated by Louis Fantasia
Time: 01:00:00

Synopsis: In less than 40 years China has lifted more than 700 million of its citizens out of poverty. The Internet is partially responsible for this unique achievement and continues to be a dynamic force in the countries socioeconomic development.

Interlude in Prague

Director: John Stephenson
Producers: Huw Penallt
Cast: Aneurin Barnard, James Purefoy, Samantha Barks and Morfydd Clark
Time: 01;43:00

Synopsis: Prague, 1787.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spends a few turbulent months escaping the frustrating, privileged elite of Vienna. However his unconventional presence soon unleashes a series of dramatic and tragic events. Overwhelmed by the tangled web of violence and intrigue that surrounds him and with […]

The Aliens

Director: Byron Yee
Producer: Byron Yee
Cast: Byron yee, Stephanie Arcila, Mauricio Zatarain, Anne Marie Scheffler, Christopher Meehan, Braxton Davis, Nanrisa Lee, Ken Takemota, Damian Vega, Johs Kelling, Mike Gomez, Jim Jepson, Castulo Guerra
Time: 01:45:00

Synopsis: Jacob waits every Saturday night in the desert waiting for extra-terrestrials to arrive. One night, a Mexican coyote, Maria, walks into his campsite leading […]


Director: Mars Roberge
Producer: Tamas Birinyi and Eric Ragan
Cast: Ron Jeremy, Princess Frank, Debra Haden, Nick Zedd, Michael Alig, Nina Hartley, Cindy Lucas, Monique Parent and Keith Morris
Time: 01:54:30

A young hipster wannabe-superstar dj, Phil, takes on a day job at a telemarketing company, working with crazy people, ex-prisoners, drug addicts and murderers. The time on his life begins to […]

The Jade Pendant

Director: Po-Chih Leong
Producer: Thomas Leong
Cast: Clara Lee, Godfrey Gao, Russell Wong, Tsai Chin and Tzi Ma
Time: 01:46:00

Synopsis: The Jade Pendant is the story of Peony, a girl from rural China in the late 1800s. A student of martial arts and English, Peony is unlike anyone around her; she is given a jade pendant to protect […]

The Entity

Director: Jake Woodbridge
Producer: Morley Nelson, Mick Uzendoski, Bryce Wandling and Mike Rominski
Cast: Morley Nelson, Amber Johnson and Ty Richardson
Time: 21:45

Synopsis: After his sister is murdered, a Chinese-American detective struggles to capture the serial killer. With the help of his jaded partner and an eccentric FBI agent, they are forced to realize, the most dangerous serial killer is the […]


Director: Jingyi Shao
Producer: Justin Lee, Jingyi Shao and Ryan David Tsang
Cast: Justin lee, Keith Nam, Ryan Davis Tsang and Garland Scott
Time: 17:51

Synopsis: Frank, a career obsessed yuppie, has never seen eye to eye with Chang, his perpetually fresh-off-the-boat father. But when a broken toenail sends his father to the hospital on the eve of his big promotion, Frank comes to […]

The Good Memory

Director: Na Liu
Producer: Yan Yan, MengYing Sun and Na Liu
Cast: Albert Serrato and Jessica Blowers
Time: 00:07:00

Synopsis: “The Good Memory” about that after the Erics’ birthday celebration, Eric’s wife and daughter died because a car accident. Several years later, Eric come to that restaurant again, he recalls the scene of that birthday party, as if they had been together again. […]

Unhealthy Love

Director: Daniel Mercatali
Producer: Daniel Mercatali
Cast: Loredana Mendicino, Alessandro Manganoni and Claudia Delucca
Time: 00:14:12

Synopsis: Laura and Richard are known to a Party; each other immediately triggered a spark that leads them dating assiduously. The two apparently seem very happy and in love, so much that they decide to live together, but Richard is revealed almost immediately highly jealous, possessive and violent. […]


Director: Jeremy Hung
Producer: Antonio Salume, Elina Street and Neil Thekdi
Cast: Bastain Delalande, Mina Sundwall, BAO, Chih-heng Liao, Claire Beresovski, Lai Y. Fung
Time: 15:00

Synopsis: On a school trip to Chinatown, New York, three French students find themselves by two Chinese men, but have no idea why. At the same time, an antiques shop owner must find a way to […]

Chinese Dream

Director: Meng Lu
Producer: Susie L. Shu, Xiaoyong Wu, Yining Xie
Time: 16:34

Synopsis: In 2016, with the support from china Overseas Exchange Association, Sino-US Arts Organization launched C-DREAM program for overseas training of Chinese Traditional Arts. The selected piece is what I’ve seen during the Youth Peking Opera training program.

Head Above Water

Director: Eric Shahinian
Producer: Yimei Maya Huang, co-producer Sola Fasehun
Cast: Chiz Schultz, Eileen Miller, Anne-Marie Agbodji, Jose Ramos, Stephen Corey Melton, Alecia Hurts, Rose Hamish,
Time: 10:00

Synopsis: A devoted husband is forced to confront his doubts about remaining the caretaker of his wife suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.


Director: Robert Bracker
Producer: Marissa Messina
Cast: Vanessa Benavente, Ronnie Kerr, Sean Burgos,
Time: 15:00

Synopsis: A female Border Patrol Agent’s 8-month pregnant sister gets deported and she must choose between her job and her family.

Swimming In The Desert

Director: Alvaro Ron
Producer: Rosana Tomas, Saray Deiseil, Sergio Aguero, Marc Cote
Cast: Tony Plana, Melody Marquez, Karen Strassman and Andy Milder
Time: 15:00

Synopsis: In the drought-stricken town of Agua Dulce, in the California High Desert, a ten year old girl challenges her grandfather, a cranky retired firefighter, to follow a crazy plan and bring the water back to the dry […]

Barry the Blobfish

Director: Marleia A. Alfaro
Producer: Eduardo Lechuga
Cast: Paolo Trelles
Time: 2:29

Synopsis: Barry is a fat ugly fish that can’t swim and lives at the bottom of the ocean. He longs to live on a beautiful coral reef at the top of a tall, tall cliff.

Guo Guo

Director: Wendy Zhang
Producer: Elizabeth Morier, Gregory Ports
Cast: Bruce Li and Lily Hong
Time: 10:35

Synopsis: A young Chinese boy struggles to adapt to the unfamiliar, when he first moves to America with his mother.


Director: Jiacheng Xu
Producer: Jiacheng Xu
Cast: Yi
Time: 35:38

Synopsis: Yi (2017) centers on a Chinese migrant laborer who illegally immigrated to the U.S. in 2001 and has since worked primarily in various restaurants on the East Coast. In 2010, he was arrested by the F.B.I. and was charged with drug possession and the intent to distribute, for which he spent three […]

White Blood

Director: Thanasis Deligeorgis
Producer: Daniela Damianidou
Cast: Orestis Tziovas, Tina Leonora, Katia Papaioannou
Time: 15:18

Synopsis: The White Blood movie, through the story of two people, touches on the issue of bone marrow donation, thus supporting the fight against leukemia.
The story evolves around the two central characters of Eve and Achilles, who are accidentally seen in the courtyard of a hospital. Achilles suffers from […]


Director: Tung Wu
Producer: Yi Yi, Leiqi Lin
Cast: Dane Agrentieri, Noemie Medini, John Carney, Bettina Devin, Barnaby Falls
Time: 27:47

Synopsis: While James, a young man who lost all his memories, is imprisoned in a chamber with a mysterious old man, the only thing he remembers is a woman who has a butterfly tattoo. He has to find out who […]

Night shift

Executive Producers: Viola Davis, Julius Tennon, John Evangalista, Bryan H. Carrol
Producer: Moira Griffin, Efuru Flowers and Marshall Tyler
Co-Producer: Kaylon Hunt
Cast: Tunde Adebimpe, China Shavers
Time: 16:04

Synopsis: Tunde Adebimpe (NASTY BABY) plays OLLY JEFFRIES, an on-again off-again actor whose career has stagnated over the years and ends up gigging as a bathroom attendant in a LA nightclub, called “The Fix”. […]

Wishing Box

Director: Wenli Zhang and Nan Li
Producer: Lindsay Elgin
Time: 5:26

Synopsis: The pirate Derek and his sidekick monkey after years sailing, finally found a treasure box, and this box is a magic box can make your wishes come true.

A Time Before

Director: Zhibo Lai
Producer: Zhibo Lai
Cast: Kevin Tan, Lorena Berger, Kayla Anderson and Kelsey Saunders
Time: 11:42

Synopsis: The masked secrets of a newlywed couple are revealed through the lens of time. A one take film of cause and effect.


Director: Patrick Green and Steve Tirona
Producer: Vanessa Perez
Cast: Christina Masterson
Time: 6:00

Synopsis: A colorful day in the secret life of a graffiti artist looking to make a mark.

Father’s Day

Director: Betty Ouyang
Producer: Betty Ouyang
Cast: Larry Wang Parrish, Betty Ouyang and Angelita Bushey
Time: 14:49

Synopsis: Part Drama and part Absurdist Comedy, “Father’s Day” takes a very UN-glamorous look at Los Angeles through the eyes of 2 Chinese-American Sisters–one an aspiring Screenwriter, the other a Struggling Actress. ‘Angelita’ and ‘Betty’ have survived 10 tough years in LA–battling Addiction issues, relentless Debt, limited […]

Massacre at Hells Canyon

Director: Kami Horton
Producer: Kami Horton
Time: 28:00

Synopsis: Chinese immigrants were instrumental in building the American West, but they faced unprecedented legalized discrimination and violence.
The U.S.’s worst mass murder of Chinese by whites happened in rural Oregon when a gang of horse thieves killed as many as 34 Chinese gold miners. For over a century, the murders were covered up, […]


Director: Federica D’Ignoti
Producer: Petra Lopez
Cast: Ketty Governali
Time: 13:00

Synopsis: The italian theatrical dramatic monologue“La Barbona written and played by Ketty Governali, is a scathing story about a woman who has lost all her dignity and hope, becoming the scum of society as a consequence. The only thing that would have prevented her transformation, from person to beast , […]

The Last Tip

Director: Patrick Chen
Cast: Geoff Lee, Celai Au and Li Zong
Time: 4:35

Synopsis: During the course of his meal, a loyal patron reminisces into his past memories at his favorite restaurant one last time.

Brad Lee

Director: Hao Wang
Producer: Lu Jia
Cast: Daniel Joo, Jenny Mesa, Teddy Purdy, Austin Uku, Renee Dobre
Time: 18:30

Synopsis: Brad Lee, an underground MMA fighter moved from east to west coast to get away from his fighter’s life and start a new one. But when he gets a job as a janitor at a gym, his old life starts to creep in and […]

Ten Thousand Miles

Director: Nathan Ellis
Producer:Lu Ning
Cast: Ricky Ryba, Anette Puskas and Sean Harmon
Time: 21:00

Synopsis: When a young helicopter door gunner fails to return fire during a life-or-death emergency rescue mission in Afghanistan, his Commander discovers it was linked to personal issues and grounds him. It isn’t until the Commander himself endures his own personal heartache that he comes to realize the […]

Butterflies in the dark

Director: Daniel Mercatali
Producer: Daniel Mercatali
Time: 13:05

Synopsis: A day like any other, between the colors and scents of autumn in a beautiful city park, Veronica and Maya.
A generational meeting in which the vision of life is the main topic to be explored on two different benches.
On the one hand Maya, his new way of life, in a […]

Home Away

Director: Zhengrongfeng Huang
Producer: Zhengrongfeng Huang
Cast: Delon Lyadi and Britimattio
Time: 9:44

Synopsis: A Chinese illegal immigrant sneaks into the US, and tries to retrieve his son,who has been forcefully taken away, but will he succeed or fail…

A Good Man

Director: Jeff Liu
Producer: Jeff Locker and Kara Wang
Cast: Jeff Locker and Kara Wang
Time: 10:02

Synopsis: As a man fights to save his relationship, he discovers that being good is simply not enough.

The Train

Director: Aaron Dunbar
Producer: Aaron Dunbar
Time: 5:48

Synopsis: “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”
-Antoine de Saint Exupéry

An animated tale of love, solitude, and artistic obsession.

Total Control

Director: Z Cheun
Producer: Luc Owono and Sheila Chan
Cast: Z Cheun, Don Arangio, James P. Duffy, Phil Nee, Neil Sanchez, Kris Paredes, Veronica Jacques, Emmanuel Grenader, Steven Arangio, Fumiko Tajima, Brian Spain, Elizabeth Lovece, Michael Jones, Saehwah Lim, Steven Arangio, Brandon Elia, Kelly Aston, Marianne Labriola, Tadashi Mitsui and George Ortiz
Time: 23:00

Synopsis: A Film about Justin Lin – This short films […]

The Last Interview

Director: Jamie Wang
Producer: Lionel Levine
Cast: Lara Farasat, Lionel Levine and Yiyun Qiu
Time: 12:23

Synopsis: A man sits for what he thinks is a normal job interview for a mysterious company he didn’t apply for, only to realize the stakes couldn’t be any higher.


Director: YueCheng Liu
Producer: Luis Mendez Jr.
Cast: Stefanie Butler, Daniel Harray and Gys De Villiers
Time: 13:47

Synopsis: When Frankie’s husband is detained at the airport for being a spy, she must decide whether to sacrifice her secrets to save him.


Director: Dinh Thai
Producer: Brian Burgett
Cast: Kevin David Lin
Time: 18:15

Synopsis: First place winner of HBO’s inaugural APA Visionaries contest. “What can I get to you?” That’s the question driving a conflicted young hustler who sells everything and anything to make money. As he code-switches through various cliques, he’s forced to confront racism as well as the immorality of his […]


The Diamond of Plateau
Length : 9 ’24’
Director: Anastasiia Kuvaeva

There has formed a beautiful story with the integration of natural and modern atmosphere – a bay of clean water flowing through this holy land – Qinghai — Tibet Plateau. Crowds of sheep have a sound rest under the solar panel and birds fly through the surface of Long Yang Gorge. […]


The Timeless Village

Length: 11 ’20’
Director: Leticia Domingues Kamiguchi

A short documentary about the tradition of making the Lacquer Baskets in the Longshui Village. The technique of making Longshui lacquer basket was included in the third batch of intangible cultural heritage protection list in Fujian Province in 2009. In contrast, the aging problem of the paint craftsman is serious, and […]


Forty Miles North

Length : 10 ’58’
Director: Andie

This film is a modern exploration of innovation and inheritance through the lens of a factory in the Lanzhou New Area. It is a search for depth in a seemingly cold industrial setting, and tackling the obstacles of documentary filmmaking. Ultimately, the obstacles provide the insight and we are forced to challenge […]



Length: 10 ’58’
Director: Lenka Jovanovic

People familiar with ink to scholarly ink, but rarely known with mud office can also be self-charm. In Hunan Yuhua non Heritage Museum, there is such an old master, he carefully selected wood, splicing, grinding. And then with ten special materials, modulation of a special mud. Use a spoon can also be good penmanship. […]



Length: 11 ‘ 38’
Director: LEE NA YEON

In this world of high technology, it takes us only several seconds to record moments we want with a small cell phone. However, in the Shu Dian Street of Kai Feng, lives a person, who is willing to spend much time making a painting. This person is Ren Helin […]


The Bridge between Us

Length: 10mins56sec
Director: K. Kovács Ákos

Different generation have opposed emotion about Erhu. The sounds of Erhu can more popular for inherit. We show inherit and develop of Erhu by the father sharing his story about Erhu, the son telling his memory about Erhu and the relationship between the father and the son.

Hidden In Ink

Length: 10mins40sec
Director: […]


Therefore I Am!
Length: 11mins10sec
Director: Vida

The documentary tracks to record the name of the “five elements”. That is the name contains “gold” “wood” “water” “fire” “soil”, respectively, dance teacher Li Mingcan, is preparing the college entrance examination girl Hu Zhongnan, the managers of Rice Noodles Shop, Yan Bo, Yan Chun and so on. We are looking for them and interviewing […]


The three sisters
Length: 10mins21sec
Director: 奈特

Traditional costumes which contain nationality characteristics always represent their own flourishing culture, however, the big influence made by the era development also affects the cultural form of traditional costumes. So, protection and cherishing traditions become even more important. This film is about three sisters treasuring Mongolian traditions together by using a crewel needle.

Ancient charm
Length: 9mins54sec
Director: […]


A New Spring
Length: 10mins27sec
Director: Marleena Forward

Ninety-year-old Lan Tianye is an actor and director with the Beijing Peoples Art Theatre, having joined the company in 1952.In this short documentary, Lan Tianye gives a rare interview in which he looks back on these experiences, both on and off the stage. Incorporating observational footage and archival materials, A New Spring explores almost […]


Keeping History Alive
Length: 13mins15sec
Director: Aloyscious Phua Jia Hao

The documentary is segmented into four parts – In the beginning, sacrifice, inheritance and promise, presenting to the audience not just the history of the place, but also Liu’s contribution and obstacles in building the museum. Watch how Liu struggles to overcome difficulties to make one of the most tragic histories known […]


The off-tech side of Shenzhen
Length: 13mins17sec
Director: Gattafoni Valerio

Shenzhen as a modern metropolis develops rapidly, “high-tech city” has become the label of Shenzhen, but there also are a group of street artists, they use more popular street art form to inherit and innovation traditional skills. This film tell us to understand their experience about Shenzhen and street art, find the story […]


SAN HUA: Rice Wine Under the Elephant’s Trunk
Length: 11mins11sec
Director: Cristian Lopez

The theme of our group is “Peach Blossom Mountain Moon Floating, Elephant Trunk Hill.” Elephant Trunk Hill because of its beautiful scenery for people well known, but hidden in one of the three flower wine cellar is not easy to show people. With the eyes of the Western world to […]


Length: 123mins

Director:  吴京

Cast: 吴京、Frank Grillo、吴刚、张翰、Celina Jade、卢靖姗


The film tells a story of a loose cannon Chinese soldier named Leng Feng who takes on special missions around the world. In this sequel, he finds himself in an African country protecting medical aid workers from local rebels and vicious arms dealers.


Length: 17mins46secs
Director: 修庆
Cast: 修庆、梦真

“Xuanyuan Rumours” tells the story of two old people watch life story, through their memories to tell which span a period of half a century of precious emotions. A shallow strait for generations deep thoughts; A memorable piece of Xiangyin is born veins raised from mark…
Root culture is part of the Chinese traditional culture, such as nationality, […]


Length: 22mins
Director: 刘志林
Cast: 白根台

The film tells the story of an old man of nine years in a quiet life about the unusual past.


Length: 16mins50secs
Director: 陈勇瑞

It tells 4 stories about sorrow, joy parting and reunion to indicate the spectrum of life. Reunion is a love story about a man confesses to his female friend. Parting is about a mother seeing off her son at a bus stop. Sorrow is a sad story about a woman understands why she couldn’t be together with her […]


Length: 22mins
Director: 簡嵐淇、張晉維
Cast: 蔡明修、何子華

There is an April day with the inconsistent weather. A taxi driver, four passengers, sisters, and brother are going to visit their mother. As strangers,Chaos is in silence, in their minds, on the road…


Length: 20mins
Director: 吴佳
Cast: 付骏福、马丽卿

This short film tells the story about Mr. Wang Zhijun, a retired veteran, suffers from chronic bronchitis due to long-term smoking. Because his frequently-met comrades also suffered from the illness torture in their old age for their addiction to smoking and died of it at last. Wang Zhijun began to give up smoking but failed. Shortly after, […]


Length: 23mins
Director: 蓝灿昭
Cast: 猴先生

The day before Chinese New Year, Mr. Monkey chopped the wood, lit-up the fire, cooked the food as if nothing was going to happen; eventually, nothing ever happened.


Length: 22mins29secs
Director: 林琴琴
Cast: 董麟、洪爽

Sailor Yu Hean was engaged with a diamond smuggling activity for money to save his ill daughter’s life. During the voyage, he was shipwrecked and floated to an islet. He soon found out the crime on this island. In the dilemma of his daughter and the abducted woman, he has to make a choice.


Length: 16mins
Director: 练荣
Cast: 刘宇恒、谭明谣

Since childhood, Jingwen had been fascinated by fine art. At middle school, her first-love boyfriend Haoming was a big music lover. She and the boy used to make a wish together to pursue their common dream of art. However, they went through all kinds of obstacles in the process of growth. Just before her college graduation, with […]


Length: 24mins
Director: 刘嘉琪
Cast: 任重、张楚楚、 Vanessa Branch

White American writer Anna adopted an 8 year-old girl named Angel from China ten years ago. During this period, the mother and daughter experienced questions and get looked down at. The two slogged through difficulties and slowly became more mutually trusting and loving.


Length: 9mins46secs
Director: 周永亨
Cast: 伍定彦、曾淑雅

A dad is a son’s first hero. Could Don’s dad be his hero and guide him when he lost his direction?
As a child, Don aspired to follow his dad’s footsteps as a photographer. Twenty years slipped by as the little boy grew and succeeded in his career. At the same time, Don neglected his father in favor […]


Length: 10mins
Director: 戴秦
Cast: 戴秦、朱丽玲

“Heart Journey” is director Dai Qin’s tribute to his deceased father and chronicles the physically harrowing and emotional journey as Dai Qin carries his father’s remains to places they would have visited together. The film is so touching and powerful, full of love and gratitude to his father as he finds himself. Through the movie’s positive energy, […]


Length: 11mins
Director: 夏俊
Cast: Sasha Andreev、Christopher Arias、Katy Bodenhamer

It’s about a young girl wakes up in a hospital surrounded by police covered in the blood of her boyfriend with the help of a video camera she slowly pieces together what happened… she mays not like what she finds.


Length: 25mins
Director: 李啟銓

Lin Mei-yin, the only child in her family, went hiking with her father in Shoushan, Kaohsiung, at the age of nine. That was the first time she met macaques. Over some twenty years, she grew up with macaques in the mountains together. She noticed that the number of her family macaques has been decreasing, while human-macaque conflicts have […]


Length: 21mins35secs
Director: 吴雅文、刘珉

This is a documentary centering on a group of people who are approaching the last chapter of their life. Songtang Hospice is like a time ship, which is heading to life’s final destination – death. Each room is like a cabin. Various elder people, who are pushed in and pushed out through the long hallway, are the temporary […]


Length: 6mins11secs
Director: 肖君逸

A girl tried to escape from the village she lives in, but stopped by her mother again and again.


Length: 12mins
Director: 敬然
Cast: Ben Jaeger-Thomas、Geoff Lee、Angel Pai

FISH STEW fleshes out the fractured relationship between Alice and her ailing elder father. In an attempt to conceal her separation, Alice forces her EX to put on a united front for appearance sake. Tension weaves itself in and out of each interaction, each look, every exchange of words, a constant reminder of […]


Length: 18mins29secs
Director: 刘威、刘磊

There exists a remote village called Zhuomulang located in Yi mountain area, which is 2,734.8 kilometers from Shanghai.
The documentary film “Sunlight” chronicled a team from Shanghai Startimes Public Culture Center with more than thirty members who are engaged in art work went to Yi mountain in Yunnan province in the year 2017 with the aim to deliver their […]


Length: 9mins34secs
Director: Hongyu Li

After dad passes away, the son has no choice to take the unexpected
responsibility but his Alzheimer’s mom cannot recognize him anymore


Length: 17mins
Director: 刘松

A teenage girl, born in China but raised by a White American single mom, stubbornly insists on living her cultural and racial roots with no regard for the feelings of the mom who loves her, only to learn a very harsh and heartbreaking truth of the circumstances of her birth.


Length: 27mins
Director: 齐家伟
Cast: 刘自强、范子绮

In 1999, a storm in real estate kicked off. Wang Yongli, eager to live decent in the city, Liu Yanmei, devoted to providing a better life for her son, and Po Jun, concentrating to be along with Liu Yanmei, the three people started their new lives in a concrete world. Another moon festival comes, everyone believed dreams […]


Length: 9mins43secs
Director: 郭小雄
Cast: Zack Bolla、Helen Haggerty

Space hero Lance returns to childhood hometown to meet his child hood friend Selena. When he finds, he has already become a stranger in Selena’s eyes, Lance leaves the café she runs. Lance leaves Selena a short letter and a small piece of rock he brings from lunar surface. Turns out, Lance dedicates his whole […]


Length: 20mins
Director: 于妮妮
Cast: 曹酉然、李珈西

The story happened in a have a long history of six hundred years suspended ancient village, the family through the theme, with the subjective point of view the son of Wang Mengyuan, tells the story of a past life through generations of touching stories.

Wait, What Kind of Man

Length: 5mins48secs
Director: 林尚龍
Cast: 林尚龍

“Wait, What Kind of Man” is a lighthearted internationally acclaimed short film based on a comedic take on the trials faced in young love, rejection, and acceptance directed by 17 year old two time award winning director Abey Lin. This short film has been showcased and acclaimed at multiple international level film festivals!


Length: 11mins
Director: Johnson Cheng
Cast: Xing Lian、Zixuan Liu

As a 12-year-old girl prepares for her final test trying out for the traditionally all-boys Chinese youth Olympic weightlifting team, she makes an unlikely connection with the gym’s reclusive groundskeeper.


Length: 16mins42secs
Director: 黄理丽
Cast: 孙一畅、Alice Wen

High school girl Mei Mei born in China was adopted by an American family when she was a little. A typical Chinese boy Chris (Chinese name Fu) who just moved to American from China appears into her life. Something happens between the two teenagers and Mei Mei gradually starts to understand the difference between Chinese and […]


Length: 133mins
Director: 刘伟强
Cast: 刘烨 、朱亚文、黄志忠、李沁

In July 1927, Zhou Enlai organized the Nanchang Uprising, which fired the first shot in the early morning of August 1, marking the beginning of a new army and the start of a long path to the formation of a mighty military force.
On the trek south, the forces of the Nanchang Uprising faced internal […]


Length: 131mins
Director: 许鞍华
Cast: 彭于晏、周迅

Set in the 1940s, the film tells the story of a legendary woman “Fang Gu”, who is one of the key figures during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. It also portrays the fight and struggle for freedom and independence by youths of the resistance groups.


Length: 80mins
Director: 陆川

Venturing into the Wilds of China, Born in China tells an intimate story about growth and cycle of life. The main story contains three rare animals in China—pandas in Szechuan’s bamboo forest, snow leopards in snow plateau, and golden monkies in Shenlongjia.


Length: 106mins
Director: 张大磊
Cast: 孔维一、张晨、郭燕芸

In a small town in western China in the early 1990s, after finishing primary school, Xiaolei looks forward to his long-awaited summer vacation, free of homework. However, this hot summer is not the usual leisurely summer he imagines, as it coincides with the transformation of state-owned companies and the loss of job security. While Xiaolei and his […]


Length: 101mins
Director: 叶伟信
Cast: 古天乐、吴樾、林家栋、Chris Collins、蔡洁、陈汉纳

A police negotiator who travels to Bangkok to search for his teenage daughter and is aided by local detectives. Along the way, he encounters the mastermind of an organ trafficking gang, leading to a series of hot pursuit.


Length: 112mins
Director: 李晨
Cast: 李晨、范冰冰

After several assessments, fortunately Wu Di and Yali get pass. They take part in the Sky Hunter special brigade proposed by Ling Weifeng. While Wu Di’s friend Haochen are trapped in a foreign missile crisis and hostage crisis. The life and death duel between Sky Hunter terrorists are coming soon.


Length: 109mins
Director: 赵小丁
Cast: 杨洋、刘亦菲

Three hundred years ago, Su Su that stood on the Execution Platform, turned around and jumped off without regret. Caused the Crown Prince Ye Hua that stood by the Soul-binding Lamp to witness with his own eyes her death. Three hundred years later, in the East Sea Dragon Palace, her and him meet unexpectedly. Another lifetime another […]


Length: 110mins
Director: 伍仕贤
Cast: 夏雨、闫妮

Ma Fendou is a lackluster insurance salesman whose life is going nowhere. His best friend Li Fei, a wise cracking delivery man, urges him to just go with the flow. Not wanting to hold her back while he tries to get his life on track, Fendou breaks up with his long time girlfriend Shanshan – but without […]


Length: 105mins
Director: 张荣吉
Cast: 黄子韬、杨采钰

Kang Qiao, in his 19 years old, was injured by a motorcycle accident. When he was convalescing in hospital, through the window he unwittingly observed and fell in love with a girl Xia Yingying, and also witnessed her huge secret. His curiosity and obsession to her pushed him closer to the truth, but revealed another unknown story.


Length: 105mins
Director: 袁卫东
Cast: 董成鹏、范伟、张天爱

FAN Xiao-bing seems to be a young successful businessman in the public view, but in fact he is a loser and a fraud and has an awful relationship with his father FAN Ying-xiong, who used to serve in the army. To pay back his debt, Xiao-bing comes up with a terrible plan: claiming his dad has passed […]


Length: 129mins
Director: 陈嘉上
Cast: 赵文卓、万茜

Qi Jiguang led Qi Jiajun, united Yu Dayou general, to overcome the difficulties, to get rid of the pirates in the coastal areas of the forces, to defend the country and the people’s property security.


Length: 107mins
Director: 乔梁
Cast: 高子沣、孟海燕

The story begins with Vince Kang, a reporter in Beijing, having to go back to his hometown to report a crested ibis, one of the national treasures found unexpectedly. During the process of pursuit and hide of the crested ibis, everyone’s interest is revealed and the scars, both mental and physical were rip up. In addition, the […]


Length: 105mins
Director: 赵天宇
Cast: 井柏然、杨颖

Bei Weiwei and Xiao Nai are both college students majored in computer science. They meet each other by online games and fall in love in real life. After Xiao Nai graduates, he starts his career with Bei Weiwei’s help. He builds his own online game company, growing through difficulties, and finally succeeds.


Length: 113mins
Director: 赵汉唐
Cast: 赵汉唐、江一燕

Based on a real life experience – Thanks to the inspiration from an optimistic disabled woman, a young man embarks on a dangerous yet magical adventure, which takes place in Changtang, a desolate and undeveloped area located in the Tibetan Plateau.


Length: 95mins
Director: 刘建华
Cast: 黄宏、赵婷婷

Lao Zhu is a forest ranger stationed at Tianshan Mountain in Western China. One day while protecting rare local wolves, his actions lead to the imprisonment of a colleague, Zhang Biao, for illegal poaching. When Zhang Biao is eventually released, he embarks on a vendetta against Lao Zhu and his family.


Length: 99mins
Director: 戴玮
Cast: 杜天皓、朱茵

Eran and Lu Jianguo have been married for many years. Sometimes they have arguments for small things. On their 20th wedding anniversary, they argued again and this led to their divorce. Lu Jianguo left the home. At that time, Jianguo’s nephew appeared and interrupted Eran’s normal life…


Length: 99mins
Director: 吕列
Cast: 刘松仁,吴俊余,刘星辰

A young journalist XIA YUQING is sent to interview YE HAIPENG, a businessman struggling against a hostile takeover. Xia learns that after Ye’s childhood dream of becoming a Ping Pong player was cut short, he and his sister had to make a perilous eight-hour swim to Hong Kong in search of a better life. Inspired by the […]


Length: 90mins
Director: 弓子
Cast: 巫刚 、吴军 、邵美琪

《REVERSE JOKER》is a visual spectacle based on reality, and it is also a high conceptual film of new academism in China. The hero Wang Xi was called “stick”for his individual personality by his colleagues in Chaoyang Petroleum. At the age of 50, he was dispatched to Nanyue Petroleum to “remould”. he got out of adversity […]


Length: 102mins
Director: 赵琦
Cast: 林永健、颜丹晨

This is a story of a Chinese forestry experts who also a professor in HeBei Agricultural University. Professor Li Baoguo has been stayed in Tai-hang Mountains in 35 years, he gave farmers his science and technology, and helped people to be rich.


Length: 95mins
Director: 晨钟、马特
Cast: 田征、赵倩

This is an epic story about the significance of life value. Through the moving story of the academician Lin Junde who settled in desert devoting himself to the country in obscurity,the film shows the days and nights of atomic bomb test and the extraordinary experience of Chinese scientists who dedicated to national defense. President Xi awarded […]


Length: 100mins
Director: 国建勇
Cast: 曹骏、王美英

Due to a conspiracy, wealthy So Chan loses everything. Saved by the Beggars’ Sect, he learns the long lost martial art – Drunken Fist to defeat the person who framed him.


Length: 97mins
Director: 国建勇
Cast: 孙浩然、杨了

A physician, Wong Kei-ying, learns the legendary martial art – Shadowless Kick, to take down the ruthless and treacherous new governor of Canton who runs the opium trade.


Length: 116mins
Director: 陈力
Cast: 王霙

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of PLA, as one of the important greeting films to the 19th CPC National Congress, Decisive Victory of Xiangjiang River tells us a moving and tragic story that the Red Army made great contributions 83 years ago in Battle of Xiangjiang River. It shows directly the absolute loyalty and […]


Length: 102mins
Director: 宁海强
Cast: 李东学、于小伟

In May 1935, the Central Red Army made a forced crossing of the Dadu River in the Midwest of Sichuan Province, the main force proceeded northward from Anshunchang along the right bank of Dadu River, officers and soldiers in the Fourth Group advanced by running the clock round for up to 120km on the rugged mountain path […]


Length: 88mins
Director: 邢潇
Cast: 祝希娟、张桐、李金斗

This story is about the issue of empty nesters and loneliness in China.
73 years old Wei Daxue, who lives with only a small dog for company in a well-appointed house tucked away in an old Beijing neighborhood, repeats her day-to-day life until one day, her tenant wanted to cancel the leasing contract, her neighbor died suddenly and […]


Length: 84mins
Director: 王宾(王斌)
Cast: 王宇泽、曹佳慧

Li Cha is a peeper, he suddenly finds a girl called Xiao Qi who is peeped by him is an exhibitionism. Li Cha moved to the opposite of her house and peeped her beyond the windows. Living with her in a peep way, and suffering her one-night stand with different man, he is bogged down deeper and […]


Length: 101mins
Director: 王一岩
Cast: 吴凤花、李敏

Tang wan and Lu you from childhood to childhood, but because Lu you’s mother had the big feudal ideas that having no male heir is the gravest of the three cardinal offences against filial piety, resulting in the lover forced to be separated. In the face of the national disaster, Tang wan showed common people an image […]


Length: 81mins
Director: 徐宏 、张彦林
Cast: 源唯杰、张页川、何雨潼

In the 28th year of the Republic of China, the prime culprit of Jiangcheng crude opium smuggling case was murdered. Chief inspector HAN Tianzheng in charge of this case was assaulted and was demanded to stop investigating this case by his master CHEN Yongren by the reason with criminal suspect. HAN Tianzheng made his utmost effort […]


Length: 100mins
Director: 周琦、马德林
Cast: 源唯杰、韩洁

Jie Mu Stream, a place in the deep mountains (In Chinese, ‘Jie’ means ‘borrow or rent’, ‘Mu’ means ‘mother or woman’, so ‘Jie mu’ together means ‘borrowing a woman’. This peculiar custom of borrowing a woman to produce offspring was locally called as “Niu hua”. Woman borrowed was called ‘Niu hua nv’. This cinema tell the story […]


Length: 86mins
Director: 何志涛

There are a brother and sister who live in ethnic mountain areas in Yunnan with their grandma, their parents are missing after falling off a cliff as they gathering herbs. It is said that their parents were saved by the God of the Snow. Longing for their parents in their deep heart ,they start a finding parents journey […]


Length: 91mins
Director: 马侃

Xia Xiling, 156cm in height, and Zhang Xiao, 196cm in height, are both in the same university. Xia Xiling who loves online games is a straight A-student of psychology department, Zhang Xiao who is a graduate student of photography department wins the title of “male god in campus”. They repeatedly clash after a encounter and these misunderstandings make […]


Length: 94mins
Director: 格桑尼玛、叶娟
Cast: 扎西罗布 、米玛潘多

Located at Shigatse City of the Tibet Autonomous Region, China, Lokmar Village was founded by monks who chose to return to secular life in 1994. The villagers are used to living with a simple, agricultural lifestyle in a way that preserves their 1,000-year-old customs…


Length: 90mins
Director: 华原
Cast: 肖宏、陈思娜

Xiao Ting, a writer based in Chengdu, falls in love with Luo Bo, a forest ranger while visiting a remote Tibetan area collecting material for her writing. Luo Bo is injured and thrown into a raging river by poachers and, believing that he is dead, Xiao Ting returns to her old life in the city.
When Luo Bo […]


Length: 86mins
Director: 张建亚
Cast: 单声

This film focuses on the life and the main work of Dr. Chan Cheng. He has experienced through the old China, the new China, and the Chinese reform and opening up. His youth, middle age and now his old ages have drawn a big draw with his patriotic, public-spirited, enthusiastic education. In his heart, the most important […]


Length: 100mins
Director: 宋业明
Cast: 宋禹、苏濛濛

The film to China’s unique loess plateau landforms and cultural style for the creation of content, tells the story of the early years of the Ansai waist drum game caused by love and hate story, a true record of living in this piece of yellow earth people love, revolution Development and artistic growth, Acura people in northern […]


Length: 94mins
Director: 孟奇
Cast: 白雷森、杜鹃

During the Red Army’s Long March time, when the Sixth Red Army Group passed through the Huangping County of Guizhou Province, General Xiao Ke discovered a French version map of Guizhou Province, and met preacher Rudolf Alfred Bosshardt. Bosshardt helped General Xiao Ke to translate the French map into Chinese. This map played an important role to […]


Length: 90mins
Director: 刘海

The story took place in Northwest University, Dai Xiu, Dai Jinglin’s son, went to Australia, the Parent-Child Relationship broke up; His wife Shen Yufen also complained to him; Despite discouraging, his student Wang Peng plagiarized hid scientific research in order to go abroad; His last disciple Mao Xi thought he read books only, but didn’t understand the patriotic, […]


Length: 108mins
Director: 杜翛然
Cast: 冼兆天、张耀天、宋艾橦、刘天蔚、梁敏

The story presents you a big family full of fun and love in the beautiful Shunde district of Foshan city. The family members use their passion, wisdom and courage to make their new life, and bring others their kindness and warm hearts. They share tears and smiles, sadness and happiness; they quarrel but understand each other; they […]


Length: 113mins
Director: 夏钢
Cast: 李胜素、于魁智

To fight against the invading Western Xia, the Northern Song government held a martial contest to pick out the commander of the troops. Yang Wengguang won the contest after hacking Wang Lun. At the recommendation of Kou Zhun, the Song Emperor asked Yang’s mother Mu Guiying to lead the troops. Mu, already in her fifties, had been […]


Length: 118mins
Director: 马崇杰
Cast: 金喜全、丁晓君

To fight against the invading Western Xia, the Northern Song government held a martial contest to pick out the commander of the troops. Yang Wengguang won the contest after hacking Wang Lun. At the recommendation of Kou Zhun, the Song Emperor asked Yang’s mother Mu Guiying to lead the troops. Mu, already in her fifties, had been […]


Length: 90mins
Director: 旭仁花
Cast: 诺敏达来、格根苏布都

The movie Urhuertu Huiteng, also known as Pastoral Song of the Spring, tells the true and beautiful love story of the young shepherd ChaoKeTu and the beautiful and kind-hearted girl Doleghel.
The young man ChaoKeTu married Doleghel on the sixth day of his homecoming from the army. And they promised eternal love to each other. But unfortunately, […]


Length: 89mins
Director: 谢家良
Cast: 杨和平、王若曦

Gao is a celebrity of Fengqiao town and he was about to retire, just before his retirement, he took over a strange case. Gu asked his boss Ji, to return the money owed to him. Gao wanted to minimize the problem, but Ji only returned part of the money to Gu and not willing to pay him […]


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