Project Description

Length: 133mins
Director: 刘伟强
Cast: 刘烨 、朱亚文、黄志忠、李沁

In July 1927, Zhou Enlai organized the Nanchang Uprising, which fired the first shot in the early morning of August 1, marking the beginning of a new army and the start of a long path to the formation of a mighty military force.
On the trek south, the forces of the Nanchang Uprising faced internal bickering and attacks from Kuomintang forces. The bloody battles incurred many casualties. As the battles raged on, the forces faced imminent defeat with another setback in Chaoshan.
With forces from the Autumn Harvest Uprisings, Mao Zedong was able to establish a new base in Jinggang Mountain, breathing new life to the revolutionary effort. Meanwhile, Zhu De was able to quickly arm a thousand soldiers in southern Jiangxi. In April 1928, Zhu De led his men to join Mao in Jinggang Mountain. Together, they formed the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Army.
For the next two decades, this formidable force would fight fierce battles that ultimately laid the foundation for a new republic. This is an army that China has never seen before. This is the People’s Liberation Army.