Project Description

Director: Po-Chih Leong
Producer: Thomas Leong
Cast: Clara Lee, Godfrey Gao, Russell Wong, Tsai Chin and Tzi Ma
Time: 01:46:00

Synopsis: The Jade Pendant is the story of Peony, a girl from rural China in the late 1800s. A student of martial arts and English, Peony is unlike anyone around her; she is given a jade pendant to protect her from harm. With her friend Lily, Peony escapes an arranged marriage and travels to faraway America, the land of the legendary Gold Mountain, only to find herself sold to a powerful brothel owner Madame Pong. While Peony tries to better her situation, she meets Tom Wong, a young Chinese American making a name for himself as the chef of a small restaurant. As the two fall in love, they become the target of Yu Hing, a dangerous man with criminal dealings, hell bent on carving out a name for himself in America. Peony and Tom are forced to find a way to survive as violence tears through the Chinese community in Los Angeles in 1871, threatening the lives of everyone.