Project Description

Director: Thanasis Deligeorgis
Producer: Daniela Damianidou
Cast: Orestis Tziovas, Tina Leonora, Katia Papaioannou
Time: 15:18

Synopsis: The White Blood movie, through the story of two people, touches on the issue of bone marrow donation, thus supporting the fight against leukemia.
The story evolves around the two central characters of Eve and Achilles, who are accidentally seen in the courtyard of a hospital. Achilles suffers from leukemia without Eve knowing it. At the same time, Eva having accepted to become a bone marrow donor refuses, constantly finding excuses, to attend the hospital’s call to give an implant, thus losing the chance to save the patient with code 332. In the end we see Achilles being saved, a parallel overturn that no one expects.