Project Description

Length: 90mins
Director: 刘海

The story took place in Northwest University, Dai Xiu, Dai Jinglin’s son, went to Australia, the Parent-Child Relationship broke up; His wife Shen Yufen also complained to him; Despite discouraging, his student Wang Peng plagiarized hid scientific research in order to go abroad; His last disciple Mao Xi thought he read books only, but didn’t understand the patriotic, no longer called him teacher. Due to Dai Xiu’s death, Dai Jinglin unexpectedly discovered the secret of his son, Mao Xi saw Dai Jinglin’s different side from his speech in abroad; Wang Peng and Shen Yufen accidentally learned Dai Jinglin’s well-intentioned. At this time, Dai Jinglin was sick.