Project Description

Director: Daniel Mercatali
Producer: Daniel Mercatali
Cast: Loredana Mendicino, Alessandro Manganoni and Claudia Delucca
Time: 00:14:12

Synopsis: Laura and Richard are known to a Party; each other immediately triggered a spark that leads them dating assiduously. The two apparently seem very happy and in love, so much that they decide to live together, but Richard is revealed almost immediately highly jealous, possessive and violent. Begin the first quarrels within the home, she faces almost daily beatings along with death threats. Laura can not believe that the man who seemed to love her so much, now has turned into an individual so evil and wicked. During a sleepless night, alone in bed, think about the happy moments spent with him, but those sweet memories are immediately broken by bitter memories and distressing experiences related to incidents of violence.