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China Film Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Film (Group) Co., Ltd.

The Chinese Association for Radio, Film and TV Exchanges

China Television Drama Production Industry Association

Capital Radio & TV Program Producers Association

China Movie Channel (CMC)

Pearl River Film Group Co.,Ltd

China Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio Group

Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd.

Xiao Xiang Pictures Co., Ltd.

CCTV Animation Group Limited

Heilongjiang Film Studio Co., Ltd.

Shandong Film Studio Co., LTD


Anhui Film Group

Emperor Motion Picture (Hong Kong) Limited

Shanghai Animation Film Studio Co.,Ltd

Bona Film Group Company Limited

Beijing iQIYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai CMC Pictures Co., Ltd

SMG Documentary Center

Shanghai International Film Festival

Shanghai Dirty Monkeys Studios Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Broadcasting Network (GZBN)

Guizhou Radio and Television Station


China Agricultural Film and Television Center

Sansha Satellite Television(SSTV)

Henan TV Media Development Co, Ltd

Beijing Hairun Pictures Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Film and Television Association

Youku Information Technology (Beiijng) Co.Ltd

Ciwen Media Group Co.,Ltd.

Ruyi Films (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd

Shanghai Xixi Pictures Culture Media Co. Ltd.

Light Chaser Animation

Zhejiang Haoku Film&TV Co.,Ltd

Beijing Perfect Pengrui Entertainment Co., Ltd,

Hunan Golden Eagle Documentary Media Co., Ltd.

Beijing Flyingyouth Culture Media Co.,LTD

Beijing Cultural Interactive Entertainment Investment LLC.

Shanghai Tingdong Film Co., Ltd

Happy Vision Company

Stellar Picture Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Zuo Cheng Right Corner Film and Television Culture Media Co. , Ltd.

Sunny Pictures Co. ,Ltd.

About Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe

CHS Media

Film Asia Production & Distribution Co., Ltd.

Guang'an Shiyuande Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.

Sunnyway Films

Beijing Zhongtian Quexi Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd

Beijing Zuo Cheng Right Corner Film and Television Culture Media Co. , Ltd.

Wang Xinmin Film and Television Studio Co., Ltd.

Zunyi Kunpeng Film and Television Culture Co. LTD

Shaanxi Xinhong Shenghui Film and Television Production and Distribution Co., Ltd

Shanghai Baiyingshan Cultural Media Co., Ltd.

SMG Pictures Co., Ltd

Shanghai ING Pictures Co.,Ltd.

Anhui Muqingzi Media Co., Ltd

Light And Shadow Carving Pictures CO.,LTD.

Nine Sky Media Co.,Ltd

Shandong Pinde Culture and Art Media Co., Ltd

Chongqing Chentian Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd

MOVINPIX Company Limited

Fujian Beiba Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Taiping Shengshi Culture Communication Co., Ltd

KuanQuan Cultural Communication (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Micro Drama Era (Shenzhen) Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd

Dayi Culture Media (Beijing) Co., LTD

Chen Gong (Shenzhen) Film Company

Mengjie Pictures,Inc.

Huolong Media

LEOMUS Pictures Co., Ltd

G-Full Films Cultural Company

He Bei Chang Ting Gu Dao Film Production Co.LTD

Beijing Zhiwei Huahao Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Chinese Culture Promotion Association Performing Arts Committee

Minyuan Media