Project Description

Executive Producers: Viola Davis, Julius Tennon, John Evangalista, Bryan H. Carrol
Producer: Moira Griffin, Efuru Flowers and Marshall Tyler
Co-Producer: Kaylon Hunt
Cast: Tunde Adebimpe, China Shavers
Time: 16:04

Synopsis: Tunde Adebimpe (NASTY BABY) plays OLLY JEFFRIES, an on-again off-again actor whose career has stagnated over the years and ends up gigging as a bathroom attendant in a LA nightclub, called “The Fix”. Quick easy, tax-free money to hold him over between jobs is what he told himself when he first tried it out one weekend at the suggestion of a friend, but quickly convinced himself it wasn’t so bad and found a strange solitude that agreed with him. It’s the joy he finds in being invisible, something he calls the art of disappearing.