Project Description

The Diamond of Plateau

Length : 9 ’24’
Director: Anastasiia Kuvaeva

There has formed a beautiful story with the integration of natural and modern atmosphere – a bay of clean water flowing through this holy land – Qinghai — Tibet Plateau. Crowds of sheep have a sound rest under the solar panel and birds fly through the surface of Long Yang Gorge. This creates a shooting journey with strength and beauty…

Train Talk

Length: 12 mins
Director: Eugen Oprina

《 Train Talk 》 tells the story of foreign directors Eugen first came to China, with 360 camera as a traveler to share his view of Xining, a perfect combination of traditional and modern city, and sat down in the new opening of Xining to xi ‘an high-speed rail travel experience. On the train, Eugen and chief of train crew Liushuang – a 28 years old young, 、 enthusiastic girl have a meeting, and conducted a special conversation. She spoke fortune between herself and the Qinghai-Tibet railway, and her daily work and life between families, friends…

Regong Thangka

Length: 8min
Director: James Fallows

An immersive 360 virtual reality documentary, following traditional Thangka artists right through to modern practices. Showing the importance of Thangka art for Tibetan Buddhist mediation.

In this documentary we visit a modern Thangka art factory and see how it is becoming available to a wider audience. The master, invites us into his traditional Tibetan home and we can see where the Thangka art originated from…

The white camel of Salars

Length: 10min56sec
Director: 史蒂芬·派洛格

The film begins with the foreign director himself on the street inviting the local people to read poems of Salar randomly. The audience will go all the way from the perspective of a seeker, to Xunhua , the most ancient mosque in the Salar , to the spring of the camel fountain, which records the migration and reproduction of the Salar …

The Flied of Hope

Length: 12 ’13’
Director: Ispas Alexandru Aurelian

From the traditional ancient Mingliu barely liquor to the highland barley wine that produced by the modern factory production line, highland barley wine has a pivotal position in people’s heart of Qinghai Tu Nationality County. This film records the story of Suo Chenglong and his grandson, who is the inheritor of the traditional ancient Mingliu barely liquor in Huzhu County, Qinghai Province…