Project Description

Length: 105mins
Director: 袁卫东
Cast: 董成鹏、范伟、张天爱

FAN Xiao-bing seems to be a young successful businessman in the public view, but in fact he is a loser and a fraud and has an awful relationship with his father FAN Ying-xiong, who used to serve in the army. To pay back his debt, Xiao-bing comes up with a terrible plan: claiming his dad has passed way and then collecting condolence money to pay to the gangsters. In order to hold the fake funeral, Xiao-bing tricks his father Ying-xiong to leave the city for a trip, but Ying-xiong returns unexpectedly and puts this farce to an end. Gangsters take Xiao-bing to Macao to pay the debt with his life, and Ying-xiong decides to go to Macao with his old comrades to save his son.