Project Description

Length: 110mins
Director: 伍仕贤
Cast: 夏雨、闫妮

Ma Fendou is a lackluster insurance salesman whose life is going nowhere. His best friend Li Fei, a wise cracking delivery man, urges him to just go with the flow. Not wanting to hold her back while he tries to get his life on track, Fendou breaks up with his long time girlfriend Shanshan – but without her, he spirals into a funk. Then Shangguan Furong, an offbeat lady claiming to be a local Earth Goddess with magical powers, shows up at Fendou’s office. She offers to turn his life around by granting him 19 of his old wishes. Fendou laughs Furong off – until even his old childhood wishes start coming true. To complicate matters, Shanshan is back in town to get married – but not to him.