Project Description

The Bridge between Us

Length: 10mins56sec
Director: K. Kovács Ákos

Different generation have opposed emotion about Erhu. The sounds of Erhu can more popular for inherit. We show inherit and develop of Erhu by the father sharing his story about Erhu, the son telling his memory about Erhu and the relationship between the father and the son.

Hidden In Ink

Length: 10mins40sec
Director: Richard Nichta

Chinese ink sticks are one of the four jewels of study along with brush, paper and ink stone. This film explores the environment as well as the level of concentration and effort being put behind the product. This film speaks volumes about the lives and work of unsung craftsmen without using a single word.

Steaming Road

Length: 10mins02sec
Director: Lengyel Adél

Steaming Road is a documentary on Nanxiang dumplings, a kind of traditional food in Shanghai, directed and narrated by Adél Lengyel. It introduces Nanxiang dumplings with the city, the local people and atmosphere in Shanghai from the perspective of a Hungarian girl.

Only Persistence

Length: 11mins07sec
Director: Daniel Svoren

The protagonist of Only Persistence is a young ping pong player currently studiyng at Shanghai University of Sport. Over the course of this film, the young athlete opens up about his life and what challenges and obstacles one faces while fighting towards glory. In addition, the film speaks about the courageous lives led by young kids, who bravely leave behind the comforts of their house to furiously chase something they are passionate about; ping-pong The films ends a with friendly game between two old players who share the ups and downs of their lives and how persistence and values learnt from ping pong helped them overcome their many obstacles.

Restoring History

Length: 11mins15sec
Director: Kalp Nilesh Patel

The film follows Mr. Lu Chengbo, a craftsman who works towards the repairing and preservation of old ancient Chinese texts at the Shanghai Library. We hear Mr. Lu’s opinion on what his craft really entails and what sort of responsibilities come along with being a master craftsman.

The Spirit of Taichi

Length: 11mins13sec
Director: Flora Chilton

This film focuses on a female junior student – Xu Jiawen, majoring in national traditional health care of Shanghai University of Sports. With just five days to shoot Xu Jiawen’s daily life, to break the traditional martial artist’s view, with a new perspective to explore its unique charm of Tai Chi heritage road.

The Two Eggs

Length: 10mins30sec
Director: Dénes Szabó

The short documentary its famous watercolor woodblock printing technique. The traditional Watercolor Woodblock Printing originated from Chinese traditional woodblock printing. The inheritor Master Lin, tracer Yao Yuyin , carver Chen Jiafu ,printer Song Huan will show us the beauty of the traditional technique and the core of the traditional culture.

A small seam

Length: 10mins39sec
Director: Elana Chaya Meyers

A Small Seam is the story of Zhang Qinwei, a young seamstress who works at the prestigious Longfeng Qipao store in Shanghai. A Small Seam explores the contrast between a traditional fashion and art and the modern metropolis Zhang Qinwei inhabits.


Length: 11mins34se
Director: Papp Máté

Two men who are maintaining the Chinese high speed rail. Their work helps connecting other people together while they seem to be disconnected from their families. Through following them during work and at home we get a glimpse of the ordinary life of Chinese people.