Project Description

Length: 17mins46secs
Director: 修庆
Cast: 修庆、梦真

“Xuanyuan Rumours” tells the story of two old people watch life story, through their memories to tell which span a period of half a century of precious emotions. A shallow strait for generations deep thoughts; A memorable piece of Xiangyin is born veins raised from mark…
Root culture is part of the Chinese traditional culture, such as nationality, name, word, classical Canon has the characteristics of continuity of cultural roots. Hometown of the yellow emperor worship at his tribute “regulus, a communal home” series is a tracing of the course of performance, but she is behind a group, a process of social roots, and is the unified culture complex and nationalistic fervor and the possibility of human destiny community conjecture, eventually to personal feelings, emotions rise to the home, the home countries with personal return to rise to the return of the national culture.