Project Description

Length: 20mins
Director: 吴佳
Cast: 付骏福、马丽卿

This short film tells the story about Mr. Wang Zhijun, a retired veteran, suffers from chronic bronchitis due to long-term smoking. Because his frequently-met comrades also suffered from the illness torture in their old age for their addiction to smoking and died of it at last. Wang Zhijun began to give up smoking but failed. Shortly after, due to long-time passive smoking from Wang Zhijun, his wife Ms.Li Junjuan was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away. Wang Zhijun suffered great pain and made up his mind, finally he succeeds in giving up smoking. Later, he joins in smoking-control volunteer group. He tells his own suffering to more individuals that make the listeners aware of the dangers of passive smoking and keep away from it. At the same time, Mr. Wang Zhijun encourages everyone to join in smoking control volunteer association. He firmly believes that only smoking control in an all-round way can guarantee people’s health all over the country.