Attending Companies

China Film Co., Ltd.

China Film Promotion International (CFPI)

The Chinese Association for Radio, Film and TV Exchanges

China Television Drama Production Industry Association

Capital Radio & TV Program Producers Association

China Movie Channel (CMC)

Shanghai Film (Group) Co., Ltd. (SFG)

China Central Newsreel And Documentary Film Studio (Group)

Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd.

Hubei Film Studio

CCTV Animation Group Limited

Bona film group Company Limited

Shanghai Animation Film Studio Co.,Ltd

Mandarin Motion Pictures Limited

Emperor Motion Picture (Hong Kong) Limited (aka Emperor Motion Pictures)

Beijing iQIYI Science & Technology Co., LTD

Tianshan Film Studio

Emei Film Group

Xiao Xiang Pictures Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Film Group Co.

Hainan TV

Henan TV Satellite Channel

Shanghai Dirty Monkeys Studios Co., Ltd.


Shanghai International Film Festival

North United Film and Television Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hu Theater

BAMC Entertainment Co.,LTD

Beijing Perfect Pengrui Entertainment Co., Ltd,

The Academy of fine arts of Beijing Film Academy

Perfect World Pictures Co., Ltd.

Xingge Culture & Media Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Runshi Rongguang Film Production Co.,Ltd.

Zhengzhou Film and Television Association

MZ Pictures

M Star

Beijing LAOYOU Film and Television Culture Co. LTD

Beijing Jumei Xingguang culture media Co.,Ltd

Beijing Phantom Pictures.Co

Beijing Kunlun Sunlight Culture media Co., Ltd

Shenzhen ZhuXiJuan culture & media CO.

Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Limited

Beijing Yimu Huayang Film &Television Co.,Ltd.


Sunnyway Films

Haining Aijia Pictures Company Limited


Shandong Youyisi Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.

Guang'an Shiyuande Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Dashu Film Co., Ltd

Chongqing Joysome Pictures Company

Shaoxing Jia Dong Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Qinghui (Beijing) International Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Pinrui Culture & Communication Co., Ltd

Nine Sky Media Co., Ltd

Sichuan Huatai Feiya Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Ningbo Ruyue Zhiheng Film Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Tianguang Diying Production Co., Ltd

JinCan Film

Equal Opportunities Commission

Lishui Tianxuan Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Wanyuan Hengben Film Co., Ltd