Project Description

Length: 90mins

Director: 張峰

Cast: 王惠、任三印、魏俊英

During the reign of Emperor Tang Gaozong, Gushi Chen Min、Chen Fu brothers led the army to carry out land reclamation in Fujian. Due to miasma and tribal rebellion, they two all sacrificed. Their mother Wei Jing shocked by the sad news, regardless of the age of 71, she and her third son Chen Zheng decided to go there as reinforcements. They led their soldiers who shared fifty-eight surnames from Gushi, along the Grand Canal to south. On execution ground where cut the enemy, with great wisdom and broad feelings, Wei Jing persuaded Lan Dong the tribal leader to follow the court. In this way, she had isolated the Pan Liao rebels. Later Chen Zheng gave her life in order to save Lan Dong. Endured the great grief, Wei Jing herself led the army crushed the Liao rebellion. Then Wei Jing assisted the grandson Chen Yuanguang governance Fujian, established the county, and had made great contribution to the national integration and the transmission of the Central Plains Civilization. Wei Jing dead in Yun Xiao when she was 93. After her dead,many Wei Ma temples in memory of her were built in many places in Fujian and Taiwan. The temples were very lively in the past 1300 years.