Project Description

Length: 106mins

Director: 馬崇傑

Cast: 朱強、王蓉蓉、譚孝曾、孟廣祿、舒桐


In the Jin State during the Spring and Autumn Period, Tu’an Gu, abusing the emperor’s favor, wantonly kills almost the whole family of Zhao Dun totaling 300-plus people. Zhao Dun’s daughter-in-law Princess Zhuangji gives birth to a son in the palace. To save the only heir of the Zhang Family, Cheng Ying sacrifices his own son. Fifteen years later, Cheng Ying and Wei Jiang join hands to kill Tu’an Gu to take revenge for the Zhao family. The tragedy starts with Tu’an Gu and Emperor Jinling playing slingshots at Jiangxiao Tower.