Project Description

Length: 95mins

Director: 呂小龍

Cast: 田牧宸、邱林、孫中藝、崔晶晶


In the winter of 1939, Yang Jingyu led the North-east resistance coalition and frustrated on numerous occasions the intention of the Japanese Kwangtung Army to march south.  Japanese adjutant Angu engaged Yang repeatedly and lost every single time.  He proposed to Lieutenant General Changde to capture Yang alive.  He therefore engineered to turn Yang’s right hand man divisional commander Cheng Fu, using intelligence provided by Cheng to destroy all of Yang’s secret camps.  The resistance coalition fought on bitterly, its soldiers sacrificing their lives.  Yang Jingyu single-handedly engaged large number of enemy soldiers in snow-dreven bitterly cold forests of the North-east in a last round of life and death struggle…