Project Description

Length: 110mins

Director: 李駿

Cast: 鍾漢良、李政宰、郎月婷


Yang Xi is a psychologist from Beijing Medical University. During her academic exchange in Seoul, she accepts a burn-disfigured Chinese patient Guo Zhida. During the therapy, Yang Xi feels that Guo Zhida ,who wears a mask, is hiding some serious secrets. At the same time, two football teams from China and Korea are about to enter an important game to get qualified for the Asia Champion League. However, right before the game, the girl friend of a Chinese player is kidnapped. The Chinese team is informed that they must win the game, or the girl will die. The Korea police officer Jiang Chengjun catches the suspect Guo Zhida soon through his investigation. He asked Yang Xi to question Guo Zhida to find out the spot of hiding the hostage. With their effort, they save the hostage successfully. Nevertheless, they find out a bigger threat. Three bombs with huge power were hided in the stadium where the football game is being held. Guo Zhida threats that if the Chinese team cannot win the game, the bombs will explode. At the time, two teams are fighting fiercely in the stadium. Lives of over 50,000 game viewers in the stadium are put in danger, only Jiang Chengjun and Yang Xi can save them from Guo Zhida. Two bombs are found and the rescue mission is about to complete, however, Guo runs away by his scheme. They wonder if the final bomb is only his bluffing? Or if there is still bigger secrets behind this scheme?