Project Description

Length: 97mins

Director: 談宜之

Cast: 高強、于月仙、李玉峰


A puppy runs into a farmer’s house while escaping from a dog meat restaurant, and the story between the lonely yet stubborn Yu and the dog unfolds. Yu names the dog “Twit”, and Twit pulls Yu’s cart along the country road, crossing a beautiful bridge to nearest town, to repair electronic devices for a living for 11 years. Because of an accident involving a family member, Yu has to sell Twit to someone rich for money. Yu becomes distraught and the color of his hair turns gray overnight. Twit is also depressed because he has to live in a house several hundred miles away. Twit escapes from the house and comes back for Yu. Finally, after running and fighting, Twit reaches Yu’s house. Twit passes away the next day after spending his very last night with Yu.