Project Description

Length: 124 mins

Director: 彭順

Cast: 劉燁、王珞丹、黃志忠、楊佑寧、葉青


In the winter of 1951, a small train station in Northeast China became really busy due to the warfare around the region. Sun Beichuan fell in love with Meng Sanxia after their first encounter at the station, while Zhang Luodong and Meng Sanxia became brothers and sisters by happenstance. Ever since then, the destinies of the three had been entwined. During the times of brutal wars, Meng Sanxia had no choice but to witness the two men joining the army and fighting in the war…Shortly after they entered Korea, they were attacked by the enemy. Combat aircraft above their heads dived and dropped bombs. On the ground, bunkers were spraying bullets at them fiercely. Sun Beichuan led the 9th Company fight courageously against the enemy. In the end, they had a Pyrrhic victory. The brutality of war evoked the courage inside them. They strode on towards their enemy triumphantly. During the war, they cherished every fleeting reunion they had. Seeing the deaths of their friends who battled the enemy together with them, Meng Sanxia finally opened up her heart and accepted Sun Beichuan’s love. However, what lied before them was a life-and-death battle with the enemy. The final battle was extraordinarily intense. Meng Sanxia was waiting for them anxiously away from the battlefront. She asked to go to the battlefield with the medical team, only to find dead bodies all over the battlefield where Sun Beichuan and Zhang Luodong’s company was… Meng Sanxia was shouting their names on the empty and silent battlefield with her hoarse voice. But they would never come back.