Project Description

Length: 94mins

Director: 滕俊傑

Cast: 陳少雲、傅希如、何湗、嚴慶谷、金嘉全


Once, there was a big war between two states, Xiang Yu’s CHU and Liu Bang’s HAN. Liu Bang wanted to restore the East, and so he asked Zhang Liang to recruit talents. Thinking highly of Han Xin, a low-ranking officer under Xiang Yu, Zhang wrote a recommendation letter for him. Confident with himself, Han didn’t the letter when he met with Liu. Xiao He, Liu’s Prime Minister, was aware of Han’s great talents and asked Liu several times to appoint Han as a high officer. But Liu was unwilling to do so after he learned that Han used to beg for food from a laundry lady and had also crawled between the legs of a hooligan. Bitterly disappointed, Han departed. Knowing this, Xiao rode a horse miles and miles into the night persuade Han to return. Finally Han returned and was appointed as commander-in-chief.