Project Description

Length: mins

Director: 劉星、胡明鋼、于蘭

Cast: 佟瑞欣、趙斌、姜婷、郭偉華

In 1934, the central committee of the Party decided on a strategic retreat. More than half of the Red Army was lost after a few days of hard battles. Mao Zedong, etc., proposed to convene a meeting which aimed at solving the political route and military route. The meeting was held finally, which was called Zunyi Meeting. During the meeting, the wrong route and propositions were criticized, while the political propositions and military propositions of Mao Zedong, etc., were recognized. Mao Zedong resumed his leadership in the Red Army. In the end, the Red Army arrived in North Shaanxi. This red highland became the foothold and starting point of the Chinese revolution!