Project Description

Length: 99Mins

Director: 黄家康、赵霁

Cast: 杨天翔(阿宣配音)、张喆(小白配音)、张瑶涵(国师配音)、钱文青(小青配音)

The film, based on the Chinese fable the Legend of the White Snake, tells a love story between a snake spirit and a snake hunter. Five hundred years ago, a snake spirit Blanca, who loses her memory while assumes human form, is saved by a snake hunter Ah Xuan. What follows are a series of unexpected threats. To untangle the mystery of her identity, Blanca and Ah Xuan travel to Yongzhou to look for clues. During the journey, the two overcome many obstacles and gradually fall in love. While uncovering Blanca’s identity, it also brings a disaster to the city. In the end, Blanca, in snake form, is awakened by Aha Xuan’s love. To protect Blanca, Aha Xuan sacrifices himself. Five hundred years later, Blanca travels to the West Lake in Hangzhou where she finally finds her love…