Project Description

Length: 113Mins

Director: 胡玫

Cast: 富大龙、马伊琍、马敬涵、王子文

Wang ChangSheng, a talented Wusheng actor with a promising future, was the wishing star of the Chuntai class in Yangzhou. Although Wang Changsheng was loved deeply by Princess Feng during the period when Emperor Qianlong and Princess Feng went to Jiangnan region to select theatrical troupes and took them to Beijing, Wang ChangSheng resolutely decided to elope with his fiancee Fang Chunrong, which caused the Chuntai Class to be caught in a great crisis and also made Jiang Chun, the owner of Chuntai Class, crumple and stayed in sickbed for a long time. On the other side, the famous actor Yue Jiu in Beijing was expelled out of the capital due to his peers’ frame and fled southwards to Yangzhou under compulsion…