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The Wandering Earth

Length: 125Mins

Director: 郭帆

Cast: 吴京、屈楚萧、李光洁、赵今麦、吴孟达、Mike隋、张亦驰、屈菁菁、阿尔卡基·弗拉基米尔维奇、李虹辰、杨轶、姜志刚、张欢

In the future, scientists find that the sun has aged and expanded rapidly, the whole solar system including Earth will be swallowed by the sun in a short time. In order to preserve further human civilization, human come up with a project called “The Wandering Earth”, which is using thousands of thrusters built across the planet to […]

The Captain

Length: 111Mins

Director: 刘伟强

Cast: 张涵予、袁泉、欧豪、杜江、张天爱

The film was adapted based on the successful handling of the special event of Sichuan Airlines 3U8633 flight on May 14, 2018. When the crew performed the flight mission, the cockpit windshield bursting off at 10,000 meters and the extremely rare danger of cockpit pressure release, At such a life-or-death moment, they were calm in a crisis. […]

The Climbers

Length: 125Mins

Director: 李仁港

Cast: 吴京、章子怡、张译、井柏然、胡歌、何琳、曲尼次仁

In the 1960s, Chinese climbed Mount Everest for the first time and the three of them climbed to the top successfully, however, due to the lack of visual evidence, the climb was not being recognized by the western media. For a decade long, the Chinese are preparing themselves to challenge Everest again, only this time their mission […]

A City Called Macau

Length: 127Mis

Director: 李少红

Cast: 吴刚、黄觉、白百何、梁天、钱小豪、彭敬慈、魏璐

Macao, with its four hundred years of colonial history, is a dream city. Our heroin Mei Xiaoou lives in this dynamic city and met the three most important men in her life. The first man LV Jingtong, the father of her son. Mei used to think that their child could rescue their failing marriage, but she failed. […]

The Bravest

Length: 120Mins

Director: 陈国辉

Cast: 黄晓明、杜江、谭卓、杨紫、欧豪、侯勇、谷嘉诚、张哲瀚、高戈、吕云骢

Adapted from the feature reportage “Tears are the Deepest Waters” by Bao’erji Yuanye, When the oil pipeline in the city harbor explodes due to a calculation error, a disgraced firefighter captain must put aside his grievances and team up with his former subordinate in order to save the city.

Enter the Forbidden City

Length: 113Mins

Director: 胡玫

Cast: 富大龙、马伊琍、马敬涵、王子文

Wang ChangSheng, a talented Wusheng actor with a promising future, was the wishing star of the Chuntai class in Yangzhou. Although Wang Changsheng was loved deeply by Princess Feng during the period when Emperor Qianlong and Princess Feng went to Jiangnan region to select theatrical troupes and took them to Beijing, Wang ChangSheng resolutely decided to elope […]

The Bugle from Gutian

Length: 120Mins

Director: 陈力

Cast: 王仁君、王志飞、刘智扬、胡兵、张一山、孙维民、春晓

The movie is a magnificent and astonishing epic blockbuster. With artistic expression spanning 90 years, it describes the extraordinary time after the Fourth Red Army arrived at the west of Fujian in 1929, which is rarely known by people, from the perspective of the grandson of a trumpeter of the Red Army. How the young revolutionary leader […]

White Storm 2:Drug Lords

Length: 98Mins
Director: 邱礼涛
Cast: 刘德华、古天乐、林嘉欣、苗侨伟、周秀娜、应采儿

The drug lord Dizang breaks the pattern of the drug industry to make himself the most powerful drug dealer, making the drug industry even more unstable. At the same time, Tin, a philanthropist and financial giant who witnessed his father being ruined by drugs, decides to destroy drug industry and offers a reward of 100 million to […]

Send Me to The Clouds

Length: 99Mins

Director: 滕丛丛

Cast: 李九霄、姚晨、杨新鸣 袁弘 梁冠华、吴玉芳

Diagnosed with ovarian cancer, journalist Sheng Nan (“Surpass Men” in Chinese) is pressured to make a quick fortune and find mind-blowing sex before the costly surgery numbs her senses. In this self-discovery journey, a chain of outbursts with her dysfunctional family, grumpy client, misogynistic co-worker and dreamlike romantic interest hilariously unfold.

Beautiful Voyage

Length: 104Mins

Director: 章家瑞

Cast: 宋宁峰、姚笛、彭梓洋、夏梓桐

Returnee Amy is a single-parent family. She found the clue of her biological father in the diary of her late mother. She decided to look for her father’s whereabouts. The mysterious and indifferent Tao suddenly appeared to guide her. While she gradually found out the truth of the incident, she also uncovered an unknown emotional secret of […]


Length: 114Mins

Director: 麦兆辉

Cast: 刘青云、张家辉、林嘉欣、方中信、陈嘉乐、汤怡、常倩

The multi-year ICAC investigation into the Lee Tat Group is on the brink of collapse after the defendant CEO’s disappearance and the whistleblower’s fleeing to Australia. To salvage the case, a top ICAC agent teams with a fellow investigator (who happens to be his estranged wife) and risks their lives to bring the fugitives back to court […]

The Composer

Length: 104Mins

Director: 西尔扎提·牙合甫

Cast: 胡军、阿鲁赞·加佐别可娃、别里克·艾特占诺夫、迪纳茨·努尔赛伊提

The Composer is adapted from Xian Xinghai’s true story in Almaty. It was during wartime; Xian was on a mission using an alias. He was stranded but always longing to get back to his motherland. His talent in music made him befriended local musician Baikadamov. They developed a deep friendship and overcame difficulties together.

Dancing Elephant

Length: 112Mins

Director: 林育贤

Cast: 艾伦、金春花、李泰延、彭杨、宋楠惜、静芳

After a car accident, 13-year-old dancer Li Chunxia falls into a coma. Almost a miracle, she regains consciousness after 15 years, only to realize her life has changed…To fulfill her dancing dream, she reunions with three old friends and meets a dance teacher, together, the four fight for their same dancing dream.

A Cool Fish

Length: 108Mins

Director: 饶晓志

Cast: 陈建斌、章宇、任素汐、潘斌龙、马吟吟

Cop-turned-security guard MA Xianyong finds himself in a criminal twilight zone when two unrelated events turn his world upside down. The mysterious disappearance of his boss has implications for his financial security. MA not only works for him but has invested his family’s savings, including the settlement paid for the traffic accident that paralyzed his sister. Even […]

Mao Zedong 1949

Length: 140Mins

Director: 黄建新、宁海强

Cast: 唐国强、刘劲、黄景瑜、王丽坤、濮存昕、刘之冰、马晓伟、曹炳琨、林永健、聂远、杜江、吴昊辰、高曙光、王伍福、刘沙、王健、朱亚文、黄志忠、高戈、吕行、秦岚、周涛、孙茜

In 1949, The anti-Japanese war ended, and Chinese history was about to open a new chapter. On March 25, Mao Zedong and other central leaders arrived in Peiping and lived in The Shuangqing Villa. During these six months, Mao Zedong held the peace talks between the Nationalist Party and the Communist Party. And commanded the cross-river campaign […]

Coward Hero

Length: 106Mins

Director: 束焕、邵丹

Cast: 岳云鹏、佟丽娅、田雨、袁弘、韩童生、于谦、刘威、大鹏、雷佳音、于洋、华少、蔡明、张萌。

In the thirties of shanghai, a coward gangster Yan Dahai has been diagnosed cancer, he wants to get money by fighting with all the drug dealers, in order to save his goddess Du Qing. Instead of dying, he is getting more and more reward, even becoming a deputy police officer. But the danger is approaching……

White Snake

Length: 99Mins

Director: 黄家康、赵霁

Cast: 杨天翔(阿宣配音)、张喆(小白配音)、张瑶涵(国师配音)、钱文青(小青配音)

The film, based on the Chinese fable the Legend of the White Snake, tells a love story between a snake spirit and a snake hunter. Five hundred years ago, a snake spirit Blanca, who loses her memory while assumes human form, is saved by a snake hunter Ah Xuan. What follows are a series of unexpected threats. […]

My Best Summer

Length: 110Mins

Director: 章笛沙

Cast: 陈飞宇、何蓝逗、陈帅、方文强、王初伊、周楚濋

Everyone’s heart is probably hiding a person he never forgets. A name that is accidentally mentioned reminds Geng Geng (as He Landou), a female photographer, of a charming teenager Yu Huai (as Chen Feiyu). They met each other at school. Geng Geng had poor grades on exams while Yu Huai was good at study, they not only […]

Driving for You All Night

Length: 108Mis

Director: 林晓丽

Cast: 田雨、左小青、种丹妮、刘金山、李菁菁

There is a saying called “In wine there is truth”. The film tells the story of drunk telling the truth, through designated driver Li’s eyes, showing the life of several stoned people, making people ironic and thought-provoking. After drinking they are crying or laughing, Li learned their story, walked into their lives and wanted to say to […]

The Secret of China

Length: 109Mins

Director: 王冀邢

Cast: KENAN HEPPE (柯南·何裴) 、王鹏凯、蒋雯丽

83 years ago, an American journalist witnessed the charm of Mao Zedong, the giant of the East, and the Red Army under his leadership. Immediately after that, he gave the world the historic prophecy that the Red Star would shine on China.

Suburban Birds

Length: 113Mins

Director: 仇晟

Cast: 李淳、黄璐、龚子涵 、邓竞

Ground subsidence occurs in a suburban area. A team of engineers is dispatched to investigate the cause. Team member HAO carries heavy instrument every day, wandering in the empty suburb. One day, the investigation brings him to a primary school. He finds a diary book, which chronicles the growth of a boy and the separation of […]

Daughter of Shanghai

Length: 90Mins

Director: 陈苗

Cast: 周采芹、曹可凡、杜源、吴珊卓、温明娜

Tsai Chin is one of the first Chinese actresses to make it in the West. Her career spans more than six decades and three continents. Tsai is larger than life. With the help of her unique and dramatic storytelling we saw a “Shanghai’s Daughter”. Her fall from grace after being in the highest of places and come […]

The Memory Dissection

Length: 90Mins

Director: 果靖霖

Cast: 果靖霖、郭采洁、刘雪华

Zhang Xiner, a 10-year-old girl, accidentally saw the whole process of her parents being shot and killed. She grew up with painful memories that could never be erased. Professor Dong, a famous biological scientist, helped her reconstruct her memory by cutting up her memory. Cutting up her pain, but ultimately failed. Zhang Xiner finally rely on the […]

Everything Is Like You

Length: 85Mins

Director: 总导演 :黄宏; 导演:黄兆函 傅绍杰 张楠 李譞

Cast: 于洋 张勇手 管宗祥 刘江 牛犇 许还山 雷恪生、于蓝 秦怡 谢芳 田华 吕中 李明启 彭玉 郑毓芝 杨静、

The film is introduced: There are four young people, they recorded the real life of their grandparents on camera. In the creative process, they understand China’s current aging situation, there are too many old people unaccompanied. […]

Guilt by Design

Length: 93Mins

Director: 黎兆钧、施柏林、刘永泰

Cast: 张家辉、张翰

During the last day of court hearings in a sensational murder trial in Hong Kong, one of the jury members, a famous hypnotherapist, receives a video showing his daughter being kidnapped. The kidnappers are demanding that he hypnotize the jury in order to control the final verdict. How will he choose between justice and family? What will […]

Number One

Length: 97Mins

Director: 阿年

Cast: 杨玏、邱林、徐才根、归亚蕾

This film starts with the fear for marriage and focus on young people who are tracked in both material and mental predicament. Like the leading role Xiao Sheng, who was fired before marriage. The heavy burden forces him to leave for hometown. They question life and try to find answers. To find the possibility of living somewhere […]

Invisible Fist

Length: 95Mins

Director: 于荣光

Cast: 于荣光、郑人硕、金晨、刘俊孝、常戎

Yu Sheng was diagnosed with a congenital left-hand deficiency at birth and accompanied by mild mental retardation, and his father has since bid farewell to the boxing ring to live with him. Because Yu Sheng was bullied, his father taught him boxing. When Yu Sheng grew up, he disregarded his father’s opposition to the boxing of the […]


Length: 98Mins

Director: 赵罗尼

Cast: 凌文龙、钟欣潼、粱祖尧, 高翰文、余安安, 顾美华, 贾晓晨

An area in the mountains of Sai Kung is linked with unsolved missing-person cases, similar to Bermuda Triangle. Sit’s father has been missing for 7 years. While her mother encourages her to move on, Sit doesn’t give up any hope to find her father. Sit’s neighbor, an ordinary white-collar Mak, takes care of his […]

Animal Rescue Squad

Length: 105Mins

Director: 冯小宁

Cast: 景熙童、宝德、赵育莹

A foreign giant ship full of highly toxic raw materials was hijacked by pirates, but suddenly all the people on board died suspiciously! Only one parrot survived. And this uncontrolled giant ship was still driving towards the port at a high speed according to the autopilot system… A huge disaster unknown to everyone was coming! At such […]


Length: 103Mins

Director: 洪宝生

Cast: 洪剑涛、刘泳希、李建新、刘欣、德姬

Forty years ago, Xiaomudi was rescued in the grassland by Ama Zhuomachao, who raised him to adulthood. In order to repay the grassland, Mudi prepared to build a national middle school to help sick children. The lovelorn girl Li Xiaowei came to Gannan and met Mudi. Mudi’s words and deeds inspired her to rekindle the hope of […]

The Photographer

Length: 112Mins

Director: 张唯

Cast: 谢钢、涓子、刘牧,康磊

There was a family in Shenzhen, the husband was a talented photographer, loved “body art” in the economic tide of the new era, his beautiful wife was from Hunan, addicted to the financial world day and night. As time went by, their son grew up, led a team to develop the photographic software. Meanwhile, there was a […]

Hai Tang Hong

Length: 136Mins

Director: 肖朗、邱丽莉、孟中华、阎德威

Cast: 孙庆军、王冠丽、李建民、刘佩芝

The large modern PingJu Opera 《Hai Tang Hong》 expresses the tragic experience of the PingJu Opera artist Haitanghong in her life. It profoundly exposes the oppression and bullying of the opera artists by the evil forces in the old times, praises the great love of the world and embodies the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

Our Forty Years

Length: 94Mins

Director: 李易祥、鲍振江、李振伟、霍猛

Cast: 李易祥、鲍振江、金宏、曹随风、范静、王梦瑶、李海超、郑亚龙、宋小春、陈琳、秦聪霞

This is a story about family, friendship and love, told in a unique audio-visual language. The directors, as storytellers with artistic connotation, collectively unfold a picture of people’s lives and emotion to express their passion for life.

Good Boy and Kungfu

Length: 94Mins

Director: 沈东

Cast: 李沛泽、郑昊、孙茜、巩汉林、林威

Li Le, a juvenile who loves martial arts, participated in a martial arts competition without telling his family in order to ease the tension between his parents. But his behavior was unexpectedly discovered by his grandfather Lao He. Lao He had once caused family breakdown due to a martial arts competition, He didn’t want Li Le to […]

The Dawns Here Are Quiet

Length: 137Mins

Director: 滕俊杰

Cast: 张扬、徐晓英、王宏尧、李欣桐、张卓、刘恋、张洋、李扬、王冲、刘珊、阮明园、邱思婷

During World War ||, the Soviet Senior Sergeant Vaskov and five young female anti-aircraft gunners fight a fierce and brutal war with the German paratroopers in the vast forrest. Outgunned and outnumbered, Vaskov sends Lisa out for reinforcements while he and the other four try to hold the Germans for as long as possible. However, Lisa falls […]

Everyday Hero, Everybody’s Dream

Length: 91Mins

Director: 郑华

Cast: 孙洪涛、茹萍、艾丽娅

Guo Jian Nan, a supervisor at the Heavy Industries Group, steps in and becomes the new captain of the poverty alleviation team in LiTan Village, Yang Xi. During his two years in Litan Village, Guo Jian Nan helps LiTan village overcome poverty and achieve prosperity. Suffering from overwork, Guo Jian Nan died of heart disease at his […]


Length: 109Mins18Secs

Director: 梁汉森

Cast: 朱俭、茅善玉、王明达、陈瑜

Thunderstorm tells the story of a feudal family’s tragic fall within the span of a day. The Master of the house who harbors a secret from a previous marriage find skeletons from his past return to haunt him and in the end the house of cards built on greed and lust comes crashing down.

Fade Away Pastoral

Length: 94Mins

Director: 周军、Adilxah Xahrahman

Cast: Hayrat、Marjan Baytoken、Sawlet Akembek、Lina Xaken

The families of Humar and Hadyxa become enemies because of an accident, however during the next 40 years of living together, they rely on each other and start a whole new life.

When Africa Meets You

Length: 88Mins

Director: 崔燕

Cast: 王梓权、杨玥、杜文,缪艺豪,黄锦江、张杨智子

When an uptown Chinese girl, Yue Yang, arrived in Zimbabwe due to her father’s white lie, she got into a fight with an Anti-Poaching Volunteer, Kecheng Fang. They later became the deadly target of poachers and diamonds hungry mercenaries during their trip together to the Wild Animal Sanctuary. They had to evade all of them to make […]

Fall in Love with This Land

Length: 90Mins

Director: 罗英

Cast: 孙铭泽、徐嘉阳、胡世闻、张慧颖

A group of young people, full of youthful enthusiasm, graduated from city of Beijing, were called by Down to the Countryside Movement. They left the cities and were sent to the northern Shanxi Plateau to be reeducated among the poor and lower-middle peasants.

They came to the countryside with their dreams and ideals, but reality of living was […]

Hidden Summer

Length: 70Mins


Cast: 辛建、徐利、Lawrence Bucher、曾欣怡

Wendy, a Chinese mother, comes to Houston to visit her daughter, Elaine. After learning her husband wants a divorce, Wendy has to start working. Due to her poor English, Wendy ends up working in a massage parlor. To get permanent residency in the US, Wendy rests her hopes on finding an American boyfriend. After several unsuccessful blind […]

Filial Piety Supreme Lying on Ice for Carps

Length: 90Mins

Director: 杨建东

Cast: 王宁、岳红、王刚

The story is adapted from the filial piety of the twenty-four filial piety. The Playboy Xiuzheng Wang and the Filial boy Xiang Wang from Eastern Han Dynasty, accidentally both of them adjusted the time and space. After crossing, those two boys had the same appearance, but they influenced each other in their respective time and space.Now Xiang […]

Poetry and Truth

Length: 69Mins

Director: 孙嘉翊

Mr. Yan Dongsheng has made outstanding achievements in the research of inorganic materials. He is an important founder of China’s advanced inorganic materials science and an excellent strategic scientist and science diplomat. In the 98-year life journey, he has been pursuing the truth unswervingly and committed to serving the country with science.

Find My Way Home

Length: 91Mins

Director: 彭力

Cast: (奶瓶)拉布拉多犬、康潇诺、亓小飞、陈菲

Bottle (Nai-Ping) the puppy is raised by Hao-Hao, a six-year-old girl, since its birth. He accompanies Hao-Hao and spends delightful time with her together. Unfortunately, they have to be parted because of immigration of Hao-Hao’s family. Bottle is arranged to stay temporarily at Hao-Hao’s auntie’s home which is in another city before Hao-Hao can come back to […]

A First Farewell

Length: 88Mins

Director: 王丽娜

Cast: Isa Yasan、Kalbinur Rahmati、Alinaz Rahmati (Kalbinur’s Brother)

Deep in northwestern China, surrounded by cotton fields and desert, lies the Uyghur village that Isa calls home. When he is not at school or working on his parents‘farmyard, he spends carefree days with his friends – until the outside world starts forcing him to say one goodbye after another. With Isa’s […]

Young Hearts

Length: 99Mins

Director: 翌翔

Cast: 蔡俊涛、马瑞、张博宇、卢本娟

Young female village official tree son in order to Xiaofeng village construction to attract phoenix also nest, will attract a group of young people back to Xiaofeng village, they in “two mountains” under the guidance of scientific judgment, will learn knowledge and ability to apply to home construction, develop green economy construction new era beautiful countryside, here […]

The Sky of Birds

Length: 92Mins

Director: 颜廷君

Cast: 杨涵斌、沈诗雨、赵小川、张晓林、廖琪瑛、方夕婷

Wang Yi, a common peasant in a small city, is disabled in leg and has nothing to do at home. His daughter, Xiaoqing, wants to go to the big city. In order to convince her daughter to stay, Wang Yi and her daughter made a bet, and he became insurance seller in place of his daughter. In […]

Loving the Great Wall

Length: 94Mins

Director: 宋献伟

Cast: 杨东、谢亚旭、董耀会、赵琛、吕成贵、威廉林赛、王定国

Yang Dong, a Great Wall photographer born in 1990s, learned from Dandong to Xinjiang about the old Red Army soldier Wang Dingguo and her wonderful stories of several generations of people protecting the Great Wall in her appeal.Hence, he got deeper understanding on the Great Wall spirit.When he presented his most satisfactory photo named ”Great China’s War […]

The Height of the Early Tang Dynasty

Length: 123Mins

Director: 滕俊杰

Cast: 尚长荣、关栋天、夏慧华、朱世慧、陈少云、萧润年、许锦根、王小砖、杨 扬、朱菊丽

About 1400 years ago in China, during the Tang Dynasty, a politician Wei Zheng finds the extravagant lifestyle on the rise among officials. To fulfill his duty as the Emperor Li Shimin’s adviser, Wei straightforwardly reports this to the Emperor. Wei advises Emperor Li to reduce the number of palace girls so that the royal family […]


Length: 100Mins

Director: 赵哲恩

Cast: 王泊文、戴卓凝、王炳翔、郭枫、耿洁琼、李嘉雯

From the evening of August 7 to the early morning of August 8, 2010, heavy rainfall triggered debris flow disaster in Zhouqu County, Gannan Prefecture, Gansu Province, which affected tens of thousands of local people. Many surviving children either lost their parents or were injured and disabled. Under the cordial care of the CPC Central Committee, Xinzhou […]

Warriors of Honor

Length: 105Mins

Director: 安战军

Cast: 李琦、国永振、魏鹏、陈姝、尤勇、菲若紫

The movie is based on real-life events from Gang Wang and Baobao Li, who won the title of “Outstanding Loyal Guards of Chinese People’s Armed Police Force” and Xiaohong Zhang, who was named “Top Ten Military Wives”. Through three paralleled storylines the film reveals the most amazing everyday life of modern Chinese Armed Police Force: fighting drug-related […]


Length: 91Mins41Secs

Director: 马应寿

Cast: 吴赫伦、周睿君、奇凌、王耿豪、崔可舫、王玮

In Tianhui Years, Liang Dynasty, the emperor was enthroned when he was young. Seigniors stood in great numbers. Lord Wei had a firm control over the emperor to command the nobles, keeping all power in his own hand. Pretending to be fatuous, the young emperor had the imperial treasures in hand. He made an secret alliance with […]


Length: 99Mins45Secs

Director: 路云飞

The Country T involved in turbulence with religious forces. When Bai Zhi intends to call to arms, gathers together her teammates including Gui Che, Bi Jiao, Lie Sun, Xi Jiao, Tian Wang and so on, tries to save the religious leader king. The more they are surrounded, the more gruesome terrorist be found, with a strong sense of […]

Ode to the Yangtze River

Length: 75Mins

Director: Steven Chen

Cast: 马力、储兰兰

“Yangtze River Love” is starred by renowned Beijing Opera performers, Chu Lanlan, founder of the IBeijing Opera, and other outstanding Beijing Opera and film actors.This film is an important work of the IBeijing Opera “image” and the innovation of the traditional Beijing Opera. It completely breaks away from the traditional stage drama form of Beijing Opera.It […]


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