Project Description

Length: 125Mins

Director: 郭帆

Cast: 吴京、屈楚萧、李光洁、赵今麦、吴孟达、Mike隋、张亦驰、屈菁菁、阿尔卡基·弗拉基米尔维奇、李虹辰、杨轶、姜志刚、张欢

In the future, scientists find that the sun has aged and expanded rapidly, the whole solar system including Earth will be swallowed by the sun in a short time. In order to preserve further human civilization, human come up with a project called “The Wandering Earth”, which is using thousands of thrusters built across the planet to propel the Earth out of solar system and rush to another habitat in 2,500 years. As a result, Liu Qi and Duo Duo are arrested and come across the situation that the thrusters on Earth stop working. People all over the world even Liu Qi take part in major rescues to fix the thrusters and prevent Earth from colliding with Jupiter. Racing against the clock, Countless people risk their lives to save Earth for future generations…