Project Description

Length: 123Mins

Director: 滕俊杰

Cast: 尚长荣、关栋天、夏慧华、朱世慧、陈少云、萧润年、许锦根、王小砖、杨 扬、朱菊丽

About 1400 years ago in China, during the Tang Dynasty, a politician Wei Zheng finds the extravagant lifestyle on the rise among officials. To fulfill his duty as the Emperor Li Shimin’s adviser, Wei straightforwardly reports this to the Emperor. Wei advises Emperor Li to reduce the number of palace girls so that the royal family sets an example to cut back unnecessary costs and to lead a simpler lifestyle among all. With Minister Zhangsun Wuji stirring up the mood, Emperor Li is enraged by Wei Zheng. Later on, realizing Wei’s advice is actually for the good of the people, the Emperor regrets losing his temper with Wei and hurries to Wei’s residence to apologize and releases the palace girls as Wei advises. The act wins the support of the people and Emperor Li is praised by the people as the wise king and Wei the virtuous minister. With Wei’s help, Emperor Li leads a flourishing age in Tang Dynasty.