Project Description

The Timeless Village

Length: 11 ’20’
Director: Leticia Domingues Kamiguchi

A short documentary about the tradition of making the Lacquer Baskets in the Longshui Village. The technique of making Longshui lacquer basket was included in the third batch of intangible cultural heritage protection list in Fujian Province in 2009. In contrast, the aging problem of the paint craftsman is serious, and in the era of mass consumption and mechanical reproduction, perhaps we need to find the lost craftsman spirit.

The Tales Of Our Family

Length: 12 ’30’
Director: Pedro Nishiyama Guilherme

Our film is about family, memory and incense. The documentary story is about the Pu family. Making incense has been rooted in their life. The present, the past and the future of them are connected by the incense.

Between the walls

Length: 11 ’11 mins
Director: Shreyas Dasharathe

A living space is built with a lot of efforts. It needs skill, precision, patience and a lot of hard work. But most of all it needs life. The people it inhabits and the stories it holds make it a possessor of invaluable culture and traditions. ‘Between The Walls’ is about these stories and what goes into making them. The film explores the living and building of the great Chinese historical structures through portraits of its inhabitants, observations of its builders and an unknown relationship that they share with each other.


Length: 11’06
Director: Amanda Vieira Carvalho

A closer look at the tea production. C haina enter on the factories and plantations of Xiamen Tea Import & Export Company, revealing the people involved at the process of tea making. Since the leaves harvest, the primary step of this long aged, Chinese and cultural inheritance, the film follows the hands that pick leaves, shake the bamboo made plates and operate the heavy machines from large scaled factories. The tea arise not only as tradition drink, but as something that is inherent and indispensable to China and keeps continuously adapting to its transformations…

The end of the Tunnel

Length: 10’58
Director: Maishe Mosala

The Film looks at infrastructure development in Xiamen, China. In the film, the current tunneling and construction of the Xiamen subway and the life of a construction worker on these sites, is contrasted with the already existing above ground development, infrastructure and ordinary life in Xiamen. The film looks at a driver of an underground tunnel drilling machine and uses his story to gain an understanding of the spirit of craftsmanship of a construction worker in the bigger picture of infrastructure development in Xiamen.

Family Letter

Length: 10’15
Director: Aury-lee Dunn

A story following 3 generations of Fuzhou ox horn comb makers. We follow not only the mass production of the comb, but the process of hand making a comb. Family Letter tells the story of not just lessons of craft being passed down, but also of family.

Dreams made of wood

Length: 10 mins59sec
Director: Veronika Kuznetcova

From every wood to every ship, it’s not only a skill but also an inheritance for five generations. It’s what Lin does for his whole life and he doesn’t want to lose it.
The film show Lin and his family’s desire and insistence for build ships by describing every process, design drawings,weld,paint spraying and so on.

Set in stone

Length: 11min41sec
Director: Dhruv Satija

Set in Stone gives us the unique opportunity to briefly look at the craft of Stone Shadow Carving from the Hui’an region of FuJian. Not only do we look and attempt to understand the craft but we also get to know the people who do the craft. Jiang Qinglan is one such extra-ordinary craftswoman’ from the region. Her life revolves around two things, Stone Shadow carving and her 7 years old daughter Yi Xian. Jiang is an inheritor of the craft and wishes to pass on the skill to her daughter. The film attempts to understand her relationship with both, the stone she carves on and her daughter.

To Chopsticks

Length : 9 ’30’
Director: Arthur Rodrigues Ribeiro

Short film documentary about the process of making the lacquer chopsticks, from cutting the wood until carrying the food into people`s mouth.

Watch People

Length: 11 mins
Director: Christian Grobbelaar

Part instructional breakdown of a watch and its contents, part tale of loss, and rebirth. Watch People shows the inner workings of those who fix the accessories we wear on our wrists every day and explores the difficulties of life in the process.

The Pearl Celadon

Length: 11’10’ mins

This film is about a man called Zhuang who makes efforts to reproduce the Pearl Celadon, a kind of pottery found in Tong’an reservoir by accident. We used a language of life not speech from the interviews: gestures, sounds, actions, etc. Viewers will be a part of the film, because they will use their feelings to understand the whole process of making a pottery.