2015 Movie


Furious 7

Length: 137 mins
Director: James Wan
Cast: Vin Diesel、Jason Stantham、Dwayne Johnson

Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for his comatose brother.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Length: 141 mins
Director: Joss Whedon
Cast:Chris Evans、Chris Hemsworth、Mark Ruffalo、Scarlett Johansson

When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron, things go horribly wrong and it’s up to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans

Jurassic World

Length: 124 mins
Director: Colin Trevorrow
Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard、Chris Pratt

A new theme park is built on the original site of Jurassic Park. Everything is going well until the park’s newest attraction–a genetically modified giant stealth killing machine–escapes containment and goes on a killing spree.

San Andreas

Length: 114 mins
Director: Brad Peyton
Cast:Dwayne Johnson、Carla Gugino、Alexandra Daddario

In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey with his ex-wife across the state in order to rescue his daughter.

The Faith in Ailao Mountain

Length:56 mins
Diector: Ci Zhang

An intensely personal film by Ci Zhang, a Chinese American writer and filmmaker. It is a visual recording of the true story of the writer as she travels back to China to visit her sick mother.

Behind Bayonets and Barbed Wire

Length: 99 mins
Director: Haofang Shen, Richard L, Anderson

The story of American pows, held by the Japanese in a camp in Shenyang, China. During WWII, Despite having their lives complete by controlled, the pows used their lives to sabotage their capture’s plans.

3 1/2 ( A Life of an Innocent Child )

Length: 90 mins

This film is being narrated about the forced labor, child labor and corruption in labor department.

Awakening City

Length: 100 mins
Director: Fernando Ramos
Cast: Juliette Binoche、Harold Lloyd、Edward G. Robinson、Allen Ginsberg、Jan Gehl

AWAKENING CITY presents an universal debate on the role of public spaces in contemporary cities, the conflicts of cars against people; malls against parks and squares; private against public; consumer against citizen; destructive urbanism against green areas. The documentary provides a set of international cases, strategies […]

Because of Writing

Length: 60 mins
Director: Pier Paolo De Rosa

Because of Writing is a story of a writer lost of his own mind, haunted in the dark by hallucination, illusion and a mysterious presence. His life is a struggling between a strong love for a prostitute, his wife’s contempt and the passion for writing.

Dark Illusion

Length: 72 mins
Director: Manos Karystinos
Cast: Katerina Didaskalou、Andreas Marianos、Giannis Malezas

Alkis is an introvert photographer with a personality disorder. Despite the strong relationship he has developed with his mother, he’s driven to despair because of the tension between her and his alcoholic father. As a result, he decides to leave the family home and move into his own place. However, […]

Love Stalk

Length: 70 mins
Director: Angie Palmer
Cast: Angie Palmer (also known as Angie P.)、Ronan Pak、Dada Lo

Sharon is a social-media-addicted public relations executive from Singapore, having a hard time balancing career and the search for love in Hong Kong’s singles scene. Even with all the dating advice she gets from her friend Joan (a sassy, life-of-the-party, local girl), Sharon’s dates always seem […]

Nashira Sadachbia

Length:125 mins
Director: Myat Noe
Cast: Zenn Kyi、Hpone Thaik、May Wynn Mg

Synopsis: In a dystopian future, the Earth has stopped rotating and the Asia region is constantly facing the sun. The society is divided into two class system: Cronius who controls everything and what remains of the resources and Commonus who are poor and who has to depend on Cronius […]


Length :77 mins
Director : Vladimir Raksha
Cast: Seva Ostakhnovich, Aleksander Connors

In China foreigners are hired for a fictitious job in Chinese companies. This is done to create a more respectable image in the eyes of their colleagues and clients. They call it «White guy window dressing». It is a new modern business tactic; however most people have never heard about it. […]

TARA – The Journey of Love & Passion

Length: 105 mins
Director: Kumar Ra
Cast: Rekha Rana, Rohan Shroff, Ashish Saleem, Sapna P Choubisa, Brijesh K. Kori

It’s a saga of an illiterate illegal brewer- an Indian gypsy woman- who is outlawed from her house and hamlet by her husband allegedly for adultery when she is already nine months pregnant. Will she survive this stroke? Will she commit suicide? Is […]

The Last Tear

Length: 53 mins
Director: Christopher Lee

Sexual violence against women has accompanied almost every large-scale conflict, yet most of its victims are silenced. One such sad episode is that of the “comfort women,” or more accurately, the estimated 200,000 women who were recruited to sexually serve the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. As part of this immense system, […]

Unit 731

Length: 60 mins
Director: Chris D. Nebe

Unit 731 explores a side of WWII history that is largely unknown to the Western World. Documenting the development of WWII from the perspective of the Far East Front, the story of the gruesome human research center, UNIT 731, is revealed.

The Moso Sisters

Length: 87 mins
Director: 李宏宇
Cast: 梁姝、于亞東、于子芡

To the north of Lake Lugu, there is an ancient village of Moso girls. Here lives the world’s only matriarchal tribe—the Moso. For them, women and men do not marry. People live with their mothers together. For over 1500 years, this ancient and mysterious ethic group has followed the exotic custom of “walking marriages”. The movie […]

Once Upon a Time in Bussière’s Garden

Length: 48 mins
Director: 張同道

When French physician Dr. Jean Louis Bussière gathered his father’s belongings, he found three thousand photos and a large number of documents including ones gifted by Chinese former President Yuan Shikai, the Tibetan Lama 9th Panchen, Peking Opera actor Mei Lanfang and many other anonymous people. There is a garden in one of these photos which […]


Length: 95 mins
Director: 李欣
Cast: 馬思純、張若昀、李現

Huang Jian’s application to MIT was deferred. To get into his dream school, he needed proofs of his teamwork skills and so he attended a girl’s club named “Fine Lady Club”. In this club, he met Zhuzhu, a lame journalist from a website. They hated each other in the beginning but managed to team up and […]

Mr.Black:Green Star

Length: 83 mins
Director: 于勝軍
Cast: 赵路、吴天昊、林子杰、刘莹 等

The little mice One Ear reached the collaboration with Dr. Ape after escaping from jail. They planned to initiate the aircraft Green Star during the opening ceremony of the Space Museum, so that they could exile the forest citizens all to the space. To break this vicious scheme, Mr. Black had to find and […]

Wong Ka Yan

Length: 98 mins
Director: 劉偉恒

In 1992, Chun Yin went to see movie in the town, and met a beautiful ticket-selling girl, Wong Ka Yan. The next day, Chun Yin went back to look for her but she was not there anymore. Chun Yin went around the town with his guitar in search of Wong. He met other girls with different ages […]

The Blossom of Marigolds

Length: 93 mins
Director: 劉雁虹

A story about country girl Han Ju and her love and own business. Han Ju couples with Huo Wenjie and leads the villagers to develop the marigold industry. It reveals Han Ju’s kindness and endurance as a wife and a daughter-in-law, and also embodies her determination and wisdom as a business founder. The film shows the real […]

The Sky in Hakka Earth Building

Length: 113 mins

In early 80s, Wei Tianqi was a school teacher in a small village. He lived a peaceful life with his mother Lin Xueying and his fiance Huang Xiaoyan from marriage arrangement. He met English teacher He Jingjing who was came from the outside of the hakka earth building. They fell in love with each other but their […]

Chen Jia Ling

Length: 65 mins

Chen Jialing, one of the most famous painters in China, was born in 1937 in Hangzhou. After graduating from a Chinese university of art, he received formal training from Pan Tianshou and Lu Yanshao, whom were great artists of Chinese painting. He went to Shanghai and taught in a university as a teacher. Experienced the Cultural Revolution and […]

Legend of A Rabbit: The Martial of Fire

Length: 97 mins
Director: 馬元、董大可

Heroic Rabbit Master, who previously defeated his arch enemy Slash and now basks in the adoration of his fellow villagers. Rabbit Master is also regarded as the protector of the village, defeating bandits and upholding justice. However, a dangerous battle with the evil Zhan who plans to take over the world of Martial Arts by acquiring a […]

Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Prosperity

Length: 150 mins
Director: 保爾夫

A Three Kingdom classic story about Zhuge Liang saving Liu Bei from Cao Cao and Sun Quan. Zhuge Liang uses his wits and batter strategies to break away the schemes time after time. He is seemingly always a step ahead of his opponents.

The Pearl Shirt

Length: 119 mins
Director: 王好為 李晨聲

During Song Dynasty, Emperor Zhao was ambushed by enemy troops. Hero Yang Yanshao rescued Emperor Zhao and left him with Fu Dingkui. He went back to save Princess Cai and the two of them fell in love. However, Emperor Zhao insisted it was Fu who saved him, thus granting Fu the right to marry Princess Cai. […]

Godfather Of Peking Opera

Length: 90 mins

At the end Qing Dynasty in 19th Century, the Imperial Court is ruled by greedy, corrupt officials. Wealthy merchant Niu Zihou was obsessed with Peking opera and valued justice, humanity, and integrity. He was exploited by officials, coveted by peers, and extorted by bandits. Yet he spent vast amounts of silver on public service for the poor, […]

ChengCheng War Flame

Length: 90 mins

After the WW2, the Chinese civil war between the Communists and Nationalists broke out. The Cavalry Regiment led by LIU Zhen skirmishes with the enemy. Right when they are about to eliminate the enemy Nationalist Army general, the enemy Brigade commander ZHAO Jingpeng saves him. After devising the battlefield strategy using fire, Liu fought against the enemy […]

Life in the Senior Year

Length: 90mins
Director: 李馨

Young teacher Shen Xing accepts the offer to teach Chinese Language to the top graduating class with the best test marks at Huawei High School. However, she is surprised to discover that the group of high achieving school kids is like automatons assembled on a production line. Each is gifted beyond ordinary and is expert at […]

Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

Length: 115 mins
Director: 陸川

It’s a 3D adventure action film about the chronicles of ghostly tower. Hu Bayi leads a team of scientists to explore the mystic Kunlun Mountain, only he survived. Years later, he teamed up with Wan Kaixuan and Shirley along with others to find the truths behind the ghostly tribe…

The Grass in Wind

Length: 90mins

Qiu Ye, young widow of Da Shan, was pretty and was dream lover of local people. Qiu Ye was stuck between two wonderful men, one is the “Drummer” A-Long, energic and charming; The other is Tu Sheng, a mute who had been supporting her and her family. At the same time, Da Shan’s sister, also fell in A-Long, how […]

The Literature and Art in War of Resistance

Length: 90mins
Director: 王一岩

“Literature and art is our weapon while the stage is our battlefield.” In the 14 year of war with the Japanese which began in 1931 and ended in 1945 with the victory for China, Chinese artists threw themselves into the national salvation movement with a “battle cry for the resistance and a song of uproaron behalf of the […]

Fly Me to Venus

Length: 92 mins

Wang Pengpeng wrote a new program to take care his long-distance girlfriend Lin Yinan. After Wang passes away, Lin falls in love with the Virtual Wang, and the love story was fabricated by the program Wang wrote. Is this real love?

Book of Sins

Length: 84 mins
Director: 樊志遠

In 1945, Japan unconditionally surrendered, ending fourteen years of war against China. Ten years later, in 1956, PRC indicted 1,000 Japanese soldiers for war crimes. How did they come to China? What wound they face when they arrived? How would the accusations affect the soldiers’ lives? This film, through the course of a trial, examines how the […]

Codename Pavel

Length: 72 mins

Paul is the code name of Mr Baohang Yan, an outstanding international spy who worked for the communist party of China. Mr. Yan detect and forecast three critical information during WWI –the blitzkrieg by Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union in 1941, Japan’s attack to Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the whole defense layout of Kwantung […]

Wang Mao

Length: 90 mins
Director: 趙小溪

Story surrounds a winery family and their joys and sorrows. Gou Shen sends himself to the army three times, twice under fake names, just to win his lover’s heart. All three times, he manages to drop out of the army.

Daokou Style Chicken

Length: 93 mins

In 1944, Daokou Town, chicken shop owner’s son Zhang Qianxing inadvertently joins the Eighth Route Army a secret mission. Zhang used chicken as cover and fights with Japanese with wits and strategies. In addition, his fiance Xiang Yuan and several neighbors who can’t bear humiliation are willing to risk their lives to participate in the task…

The Waiting Country Woman

Length: 91 mins

Xiulan and her childhood sweetheart Jianshe fall in love with each other and promise to get married. When war broke out, Jianshe joins the army and left for the frontline thousands of miles away. The distance makes their love even stronger. But then she receives a heartbreaking message that Jianshe has gone missing during a mission. Nevertheless, […]

Songs From Battlefields

Length:95 mins
Director: 高峰

After the “August 13th” incident, He Lvting, a famous musician, gave up his privileged life to participate in the Anti-Japanese Theatrical Troupe organized by Shanghai Artists. On the way to the front-line, the theatrical troupe encountered Japanese aircraft’s bombardment and other difficulties. Despite the extreme danger, the theatrical troupe insisted on performing to rally the people. The […]

Highway of Love

Length: 105 mins
Director: 非可

TTo make a media buzz on her new book, a beautiful writer An Dongni joins a popular dating show “Fall in Love with You”. Despite having a 3-year relationship, An Dongni meets Tibetan photographer Xiu Ba on the show and leaves with him to the Meri Snow Moutain. An’s boyfriend Zeng Hao, CEO of a lingerie firm, […]

Young Love Lost

Length: 100 mins
Director: 相國強

In the 1990s, Lu Xiaolu, a new technical school graduate, was working in a chemical plant. Lu was a hotheaded young man with no direction in life. He followed a seasoned technician but didn’t learn anything. He was only good at playing video games, picking fights, and breaking company rules. However Lu fell in love with a […]

Martial Mania

Length: 90 mins
Director: 謝雙九

Dapang Guo, a fisherman in Baiyangdian, is known as the Martial Mania. He began his journey to help other people after seeking advice from an old local kungfu master. He was caught up a murder and became the suspect. Eventually, the real killer was caught. Guo now understands that he never goes beyond the bounds of the […]

Toughly, Greatly

Length: 93 mins
Director: 王晨

In the western part of Yunnan Province, there is a handicapped lady named Ye Da of the Dai minority group. With an unwavering determination, she overcame immense difficulties to learn and master the ancient Dai writing. She helped to preserve many valuable cultural relics which were produced during the Ming and Qing dynasties including a large volume […]

The Rise And Fall Of the Beiyang Fleet

Length: 6*45 mins
Director: 陳紅

In 1894, the year of Jiawu in the Chinese calendar, the Beiyang navy is annihilated by the Japanese army in an intense battle. To remember and learn from the past, the PRC navy spent 2 years making the 6-part documentary series, The rise and fall of Beiyang Navy.

Roco Kingdom 4:Go! Giant Valley

Length: 86 mins
Director: Martel Hugues
Cast:胡夏、 林穎、關曉彤

Far far away from the Roco Kingdom, there is a mystic land with no records in Roco Library. It is called Giant Valley. Legend has it, a powerful guardian elf sleeps on top of a white tree protecting the Giant Valley. One day, the elf was taken away by Balon, and suddenly, the giants are […]

Thru The Moebius Strip

Length: 90 mins
Director: Chaika Glenn

Jack, a brave and intelligent boy, never gave up on finding his father. Through the time tunnel of “The Moebius Strip”, he reaches the Planet Raphicca millions of light years away. He finds out that his father is a prisoner in the kingdom of giant aliens. Thus a war between evil and good begins.

Dive Olly dive and the Pirate Treasure

Length: 80 mins
Director: 何子力

This is a story of the little scientific research submarine that started out on a happy adventure to find the legendary rainbow treasure with his friends in the magical sea world. Through the adventures, they discover something even more valuable than treasure, namely friendship, trust, and love.

Bu Jilan

Length: 90 mins
Director: 安興偉

Liu Zhi, a man who was extremely impoverished, stole flour and meat from a town folk just to make dumplings for his son to celebrate the Spring Festival. Policeman Lao Liu was set out to arrest Liu but showed sympathy by sending him rice, flour and oil. Liu felt guilty by cutting three of his fingers off […]

Crystal Girl

Length: 101 mins
Director: 李萍萍

Eight years ago, Ma Jun, a newly married crystal engraver, found an abandoned baby and brought her home. He named the girl GuoGuo and treated her as his own. But his wife Luo Li did not share the same love for the little girl. After three miscarriages, Luo became deeply depressed, believing that her suffering was caused […]

Number Seven

Length: 90mins
Director: 李斌

From a routine check-up, Chen Xiuzhen, a retired university professor, was mistakenly led to believe she had leukemia. Just as she thought life was meaningless, she met another cancer patient in the same ward, Little Seven. In their fight for life, Little Seven and Chen gave each other hope and inspiration.

Feeling the Love Flute

Length: 90mins
Director: 鄧迎海

A kind old artist adopted a young boy Tian Le as his grandson. The fact that Tian has AIDS was a secret that Grandpa kept from him. When Tian started going to school, difficulties began to mount as reality sets in. At the most critical moment, the school, the community and people around them joined in […]

The Bodyguard

Length: 90 mins
Director: 岳松

The Bodyguard is the story of the man who choses the dark path of revenge… Wu, successor of the ancient clan of the Iron Kick comes to a city notorious for its crime, looking for his fellow apprentice Jiang. Before he finds Jiang, he takes a job as a bodyguard of Faye, the daughter of the wealthiest […]

The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel

Length: 109 mins
Director: 管虎
Cast: 張涵予、劉燁、黃渤

During Second Sino-Japanese War, China suffered from cholera outbreak because Japanese used it as a biological weapon. Four Chinese agents captured a Japanese scientist and his bodyguard and interrogated them by Chinese opera in order to get the vaccine formula.

Design of Death

Length: 108 mins
Director: 管虎
Cast: 黃渤、任达华、余男、蘇有朋

Sudden disease spread out in Longevity Town. A doctor sent by local officials went in to investigate the cause. But villagers refused to assist the doctor, which led him to a mountain with secrets.

Ever Since We Love

Length: 106 mins
Director: 李玉

Story of a group of students in medical college in the 1990s. Qui Shui enrolls in college having just broken up with his first love, Xiao Man. In his medical class he meets several new friends, including Bai Lu, who becomes his new girlfriend.
The narrative unravels as a pensive but humorous story, as Qui Shui and […]

Jian Bing Man

Length: 113 mins
Director: 大鵬
Cast: 大鵬、袁珊珊、柳岩

Web host Da Peng becomes popular after success of his internet show, he also becomes arrogant and impetuous. He makes a bad move by signing a contract that puts in a huge debt. He decides to shoot a film with a-list celebrities but none of them wants to be a part of it. Da Peng groups […]

Lost In Hong Kong

Length: 113 mins
Director: 徐崢

Xu Lai, who once dreamed of becoming a painter, is a middle-aged man who has abandoned his dreams. When he goes on a trip to Hong Kong with his wife and her family, he plans to meet up with his college sweetheart. But his brother-in-law, Lala, happens to figure out Xu’s bad intention. The two start a […]

One Step Away

Length: 100 mins
Director: 趙寶剛
Cast: 孫紅雷、桂綸鎂

hanghai, 1935. Fu Jingnian (Sun Honglei), a double spy with KMT and Communist agent, codename Ice. warns his up line Lin Yueying, codename Shadow (Xu Jinglei), to leave, as the network has been penetrated. When her substitute, codename Echo (Huang Lei), is arrested and threatened with torture by BIS chief Ji Zeng’en (Alex Fong Chung-sun), Echo […]

Wolf Totem

Length: 121 mins
Director:Jean-Jacques Annaud

In acclaimed director Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film adaptation of Jiang Rong’s best-selling novel, a young Beijing student is sent to live among the nomadic herdsmen of Inner Mongolia. Caught between the advance of civilization from the south and the nomads’ traditional enemies – the marauding wolves – to the north; humans and animals, residents and invaders alike, […]

Go Away! Mr. Tumor

Length: 85 mins
Director: 韓延

Young cartoonist Xiong is having a crisis. First she gets fired, then her boyfriend leaves her, and she even has to spend a night at police station. What’s worse is that she discovers she has a tumor. But she doesn’t give up, and falls in love with her doctor…

Goddesses in the Flames of War

Director: 江平

Jianghai Plain was taken over by Japanese invaders, Haohe Village was the target for looting. Villagers lived in fear, especially for the women. A group of brave women teamed up to fight against the invaders with their wits and power.

The Promised Land

Length: 102 mins
Director: 何平

Ai Ling, growing up in a small town, loses her fiance Jiang He in Beijing. After returning to her hometown with a broken heart, she has to face a lot of challenges about life and love.

You Are My Sunshine

Length: 107 mins
Director: 楊文軍

He Yishen rejects many girls to be with his lover Zhao Muoshen. However, Zhao’s complicated family background makes them go separate ways. Seven years after separation, Zhao returns to her hometown, only to find He waiting for her. He always kept his love for Zhao, thinking she would do the same. However, Zhao is now a divorced […]

The Dead End

Length: 139 mins
Director: 曹寶平

Three brothers help raise one foster child, they all seem to have a regular job, but do they? Seven years after the events of the Water Chamber Murders, newly transferred officer Yi Guchun began to suspect that his assistant police, Xin Xiaofeng, is deeply-tied with the murders.

Overheard 3

Length: 131 mins
Director: 麥兆輝

Five Years ago, LAW (Louis KOO) was jailed for killing a major land owner in a car accident. At that time LAW worked as a chauffeur for the rural tycoon LUK (Kenneth TSANG). When LAW gets out of prison five years later, LUK’s corporation has grown more powerful, while LUK’s right-hand man Keung (LAU Ching Wan), sworn […]

The Man From Macao II

Length: 110 mins
Director: 王晶

Ken (Chow), cardsharp extraordinaire, is drawn into a mahjong game, where he barely has a chance to show off his skills. Ken falls out with his godson Vincent (Shawn Yue), who’s let him down by becoming a cop rather than a criminal. Now a more ruthless lady boss, Aoi (Jin Qiaoqiao), has taken over, running illegal casinos […]

SPL 2: A Time for Consequences

Length: 120 mins
Director: 鄭保瑞

Undercover cop Kit (Wu Jing) becomes a junkie in order to catch Mr Hung (Louis Koo), the mastermind behind a crime syndicate. When the operation goes sour and Kit blows his cover, his supervisor and uncle Wah (Simon Yam) decides to terminate the operation. When Kit disappears without a trace, Wah defies the order from his commanding […]

The Taking of Tiger Mountain

Length: 141 mins
Director: 徐克

Adapted from the famous Chinese novel “Tracks in the Snowy Forest” set during the civil war era of 1946, when ruthless bandits occupied Northeastern China and threatened the lives of civilians there. The most powerful bandit of all was Mountain Eagle , with an impenetrable fortress up in Tiger Mountain and armed with strong artillery. Unit 203 […]

Murmur of the Heart

Length: 119 mins

Three young man tell their life stories. One is a tourist guide who struggles to make a living, another is a painter who always comes up short, the last one is boxer who is always just a backup. One day, a magical experience changed their entire life…

Wonder Mama

Length:96 mins
Director: 高志森

Librarian A-Ai, in her fifties, is considering an early retirement. But her father, in his seventies, suddenly reveals that the young house keeper is having his baby. A-Ai’s mother is raising hell, and A-Ai’s thirty year old son, a worthless homebody, contributes nothing. News about her husband who disappeared ten years ago compounds the problem. Her hopes […]

The Queens

Length: 106 mins
Director: 伊能靜

Actress Annie finds her relationship with her long-time boyfriend coming to an end. Fortunately, her best friends Candy and Tina are always there to support her. Melissa, a well-known actress and Annie’s rival in love, not only steals Annie’s boyfriend, but also sets her up and humiliates her in public. In the meanwhile, Candy and Tina also […]

Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

Length: 118 mins
Director: 鮑德熹、趙天宇

In order to protect people from demon’s attacks, Zhong Kui becomes a Demon Killer and sneaks into hell to steal a box containing demons’ soul. A war between demons and mankind began. Meanwhile, he sees the girl of his dreams from the past, who now belongs to the demon world. The demon war reaches unprecedented […]

The Primary Target

Length: 108 mins
Director: 翟俊傑

A lost notebook alerted US five-star General Marshall and trapped top agent Xiong Xianghui in incredible danger. A battle of words was sparked on the negotiating table. The air of tension haunted every corner of the town. All the heavy weights convene with murderous schemes. Zhou Enlai set up a trap in the theatre, but the show […]

Deng’s Climb

Length: 95 mins
Director: 陳國星

On July of 1975, 75-year-old Deng Xiaoping visited Mount Huangshan. During the 5-day hike, Deng Xiaoping talked with Huangshan farmer Grandma Yan about the rural household system, discussed the challenges of college entrance exams with student visitors from Fudan University, and talked with HK film crew members about the return of Hong Kong…

For Love or Money

Length: 98 mins
Director: 高希希

Xing Lu is a hopeless romantic type of girl. She meets painter Xu Chengxun at a coffee shop. She thought she could fall in love again, but nothing is as easy as it seems. She soon discovers a shocking secret…

Pan’s Choice

Length:90 mins
Director: 潘婕

From a chance encounter, artist Zhou Rong saved Liu Pan, who fell down on the road. Slowly, Zhou learned of Liu’s miserable situation which sparked heart-felt sympathy from Zhou due to her own misfortunes. The two women shared the same values, but those values were challenged when a third woman came into the mix⋯


Length: 86mins
Director: 楊江
Cast:宋陽、 楊鈞丞、王仲欣

During a mission, sniper Ye Lei was wounded from saving his best friend and partner Ye Feng and forced to retire from the army. While Feng was on a mission to kill Ping Ba, a gangster under the drug lord Mu Jin, Feng was crushed to find Lei amongst the gang. It turns out that Lei […]

Ever Lasting Broadcasting

Length: 90mins
Director: 扈耀之

During WWII, Japanese invaders massacred millions of Chinese people and committed horrendous war crimes in China. The Anti-Japanese War cultivated many teen heroes who joined the resistance and bravely fought alongside their fathers against the invaders.

One Day

Length: 90mins
Director: 杜波、楊智麟、易小星、劉永宏、田原、劉帥、佟志堅、姜穎、李睿珺、王大慶

‘One Day’ is made up of nine inspirational stories about special-need and underprivileged children in pursuit of their dreams. These stories ranged from poor, abducted, deaf and mute, blind children, to those struggling with mental disabilities, Dyslexia, and obesity. They also shed light on minority children whose parents live far away from home in order to find work, […]


Length: 01:27:00
Director: Katharina Antonia Popov
Cast: Theresa Tripp, Saskia Inken Rutner, Stephanie Blass, Martin Moeller, Merlin Leonhardt, Harald Geil, Christian Wewerka, Julie Trappett

VIERTELMONAT is a melancholy comedy about friendship, the quest for happiness, loneliness, and the rich and complicated reality.
The film portrays the experiences of young 30-somethings in Berlin, focusing on Martha, who, after breaking up with her long-term […]


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