Project Description

20 Happiness in Spring
Length 45mins*42
Director 杨亚洲、杨博
Cast 李晨、王晓晨、郑璐、秦焰、张大礼、那志东、沙景昌、苏青、刘莉莉、车晓、迟蓬、杨蕾
  The TV drama features the stories of Li Qiang, Chen Wa’er and other young people who have been living in “Happiness Vally” in Beijing’s financial district for 40 years. It covers a wide range of topics from cultural protection, community healthcare, elderly care, to well-being of life.
李墙、陈瓦儿等年轻人,在北京金融街的“幸福里”胡同四十年的生活故事。实景展现北京风貌,剧情嵌入非遗、文保、养老、社区医疗、全民奔小康等热点,表现 “小人物”不懈努力改变命运追求理想和美好生活的时代精神。