Project Description

Length 4分10秒
Director 谭轲、付京
On April 3, 2020, the original public welfare MV “Fight As One” produced by Yunnan Radio and Television was launched on the official Weibo of Yunnan Radio and Television and on all mainstream platforms in China. The song was performed by Hong Kong singer Eason Chan and Taiwan singer Jolin Tsai. Based on the concept of “A community with a Shared future for Mankind”, the video conveys the human voice of “epidemic has no borders”. Through music and images, it shows the firm determination of the world to fight jointly to defeat the epidemic and sends blessings to the world. After the song was released, it immediately topped the front page and homepage of all major news, comprehensive and music apps. The official Weibo of CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the official accounts of overseas Facebook, Youtube Yunnan Radio and Television and Universal Music were all released in the first time. The total number of global click volume exceeded 3 billion, and the central leadership also gave the MV high comments and praise.
2020年4月3日云南广播电视台策划制作的抗疫原创公益MV《Fight As One》在云南广播电视台官方微博以及国内全网各大平台上线。该作品由香港歌手陈奕迅和台湾歌手蔡依林演唱。MV以“人类命运共同体”的理念作为创作基础,传递“疫情无国界”的人类呼声,通过音乐和画面展示全球携手战胜疫情坚定的决心,对全球抗击疫情送上祝福。该作品上线后各大新闻、综合、音乐客户端首页置顶,央视、新华社、人民日报、共青团中央官方微博均转发,海外Facebook、Youtube云南广播电视台官方账号,环球音乐均在第一时间发布。全球总点击量超30亿,中央领导给予高度评价和表扬。