Since 2006, Golden Mileage has been developing, packaging and producing high quality creative products with sharp market insights.
The company effectively merged financing and capital investment into the cultural industry, and has successful track record in film and TV production, event management, advertising etc with high cultural and commercial value.
Golden Mileage created many film and TV products such as DOOMSDAY KILLER, A HERO BORDERING TWO WORLDS, A MANSION FOR WOMEN, TARGET, THE LAST JOURNEY, A GLOOMY MORNING, THUNDERING PIONEER, PARENTS, A SUN-CHASING HERO, MY FATHER AND I, ONE DAY, A STORY OF SOLDIERS, THE TRUTH ABOUT MONEY, RED, THE TEMPTATION OF WHITE ROSES etc. Especially the epic film Xuan Yuan, the Great Emperor depicts the Chinese civilization 5000 years ago and is recognized as a great cultural asset of China.
Golden Mileage believes in honesty, pragmatism, effectiveness, and creativity. Focusing on both resources combining and cutting-edge creativity, Golden Mileage develops fast and steadily with deep roots in high quality industry resources, professional talents.