Project Description

Length: 8mins 47secs
Director: Yuanlin Wang

In modern times, industrial development has progressed at an overwhelming pace. The air is polluted and millions of people have died of lung cancer. People can only breathe through masks; intimate human contact is very limited. The idea of a kiss is a distant memory. Green landscapes and trees are very scarce and virtually unknown. Chloe, who once led a happy life with her husband and their daughter Kiss, must now live with the grief of losing her husband to lung cancer.
Kiss is a curious girl who wants to know more about how life used to be without breathing masks. Her friends at school make fun of her name. Because of this, Kiss must know the significance of her name. Her mother draws lips with lipstick on Kiss’s arm and tells her about how people used to show affection. She tells her daughter that touching lips, a kiss, was a very special way two people would express their love for one another. Kiss was desperate to understand and know the feeling of a kiss and the love is would bring. As Chloe naps and dreams of life with her husband, Kiss pulls Chloe’s breathing mask off, applies lipstick and presses her forehead to Chloe’s bare lips. For the first time, Chloe understands the love her mother so misses. Unfortunately, Chloe, now maskless, slowly slips away from life as she breathes the overwhelming toxic pollution.
After 20 years, the pollution is gone. The sky has transformed and is blue once again. The environment has changed and breathing masks are no longer needed. There are green fields and tall trees. Although Kiss has lost everything she cherishes the need to hold onto the love coming from those who came before.