Project Description

Length: 15mins58secs

Director: Angela Chen

Cast: Brandon Soo Hoo、Dianne Doan、Raquenel、Nick Fink

Confused and frustrated by his rejection from the US Marines, 19-year-old Dylan clashes with his older sister, Rose. Meanwhile, driven by guilt and loneliness, 43-year-old fast food worker Celine tries in vain to convince her far-away son that she’s becoming successful in America. 20-year-old Sean grapples with his aimlessness, turning to the comforts of drugs and alcohol. Unbeknownst to them, these four lives will soon come together in a violent clash at the Sunny Meals drive-thru when Sean’s drugbender takes a sinister turn, forever changing of the trajectories of their lives, their careers, and their relationships.