Project Description

Length: 19mins 53secs
Director: Takahisa Shiraishi
Cast: Jordan Wong, Spike Leffke

More Than One tells the story of Daniel, a young man who’s forced to reconcile the differences of his dreams with the reality of his present in order for him to live a truthful life. Daniel lives with his college girlfriend, Audrey, but their relationship is far from stable. As they grow individually, their goals change, and their values change. Alienated from one another, they go through the motions and Daniel ignores their issues. When Audrey discovers she’s pregnant, Daniel hopes that it will resolve itself. His resolve is tested when Audrey tells Daniel she wants an abortion. Fearful to make a life changing decision, Daniel left Audrey with the responsibility of making a choice. Confused by what he’s suppose to do, and his emotions, Daniel struggles with how to support Audrey. Whatever the choice they decide on, they will have to live with in the aftermath.