Project Description

10 The Yangtze River 
Length 45mins*6
Director 刘丽婷、董洁心、董玲俐、陈琳、刘玮、张艳芬、王向韬、史嘉年、陈钊
  The Yangtze River is China’s first 4K documentary which is focus on the Yangtze River. It is a national support project of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and it is made as a tribute for the 70th anniversary of China. The documentary gives a great account of the social changes and green transformation along the Yangtze River in an international narrative way. It writes the spiritual totem of those who living along the Yangtze River, it represents the vitality of the new era of the Chinese nation; it is the fighting epic for the people of the Yangtze River.