Project Description

5 Dimension Nova
Length 70mins*10
Director 张程鹭、毕震坤、楚安琪
  Three big stars are building the most powerful teams respectively under the disguise of virtual idol trainers. In the process, they will lead the bronze contestants to continuously upgrade themselves, conquer more powerful golden ones and challenge the Big Boss. Finally, they’ll help the virtual idol to become a Dimension Nova that can win attention from millions of people.
三位明星化身虚拟偶像训练师组建各自的最强战队 。在过程中他们将带领青铜选手不断闯关升级,收服更强大的黄金选手并挑战大 boss ,最后助力虚拟偶像成为万众瞩目的跨次元新星。