Project Description

Length: 46mins*2
Director: 孙江海
Cast: 叶路成、黄庆华、刘智宏、巫文玲、郑丽芳

The Songyang Rural Army led by Chen Fengsheng, Chen Danshan, and Lu Zijing, under the advice of Wu Qian, the representative of the Party in the western camp of the third column of the Western Zhejiang of the 13th Red Army, reorganized the Songyang Rural Army into a guerrilla of the Songyang Red Army under the leadership of the Party. At the beginning of its establishment, the guerrillas outwitted Yuyan Town and destroyed the Kuomintang Yuyan Police Station, laying the foundation for the later construction of the base area. The rapid development of the revolutionary situation caused the panic of the Kuomintang authorities. Chiang Kai shek sent 70000 troops to encircle and suppress the revolutionary base areas in southwestern Zhejiang. To protect the safety of the masses,Chen Fengsheng stands out from the Andaihou jungle and died bravely.