Project Description

8 The Mysterious Orchids
Length 30mins
Director 冯翊明
  In the long course of evolution, orchids have developed extraordinary skills and wisdoms to survive and thrive in nature. This documentary reveals a new dimension in the lives of orchids in their natural habitat, from the amazing diversity of their botanical characteristics to their various ways of pollination to overcome the challenges of nature.
在漫长岁月的演进中,兰科植物为了生存和繁衍,进化出令人叹为观止的生存智慧。 本片讲述自然生境中的兰科植物的故事,通过精彩的画面展现兰科植物的奇异和多彩,以及兰科植物用花样百出的传粉方式战胜自然界种种挑战的故事。