Project Description


Name of the work


English:Journey of Taibo Temple


Length of film




Director(foreign youth)

Clamun Maximore



Brief introduction of the work

A brief introduction of the Taibo Temple.  “The Journey of Taibo Temple” is therefore to understand and fully know what is done in remembrance of the great Taibo. On this Journey, I tell a short story to my beautiful daughter (MEKESIA) about Taibo Temple and Taibo. I take a look around the Temple and explain to her what is practically done on a day-to-day basics.  I’ll first begin to view with her from the entrance and show the beautiful trees within the temple with sculptures of dragons and cranes. Taibo with a long family line and how sacrifices are being made by offering prayers, walking around and sitting at the palace. I also had the chance to meet with a stranger who was really happy to explain to me also about the Wu-Culture and the settlement of Taibo and how he began very famous. As the lady narrate the story to me. I was really touched about the great things Taibo contributed to the south part of china. The temple is a beautiful and quiet place to be. I hope that, she come to china and see the Temple someday.  After looking in and out of the temple, I felt hungry and had to walk to a closer restaurant to get food. When I got to the restaurant, I had no experience what they sell at the restaurant but I actually wanted to try something new, I ordered a local Chinese dish that my friend recommended me to try Xinyu (THE CHINESE PRESERVE DUCK EGGS) and I really enjoy eating it for the first time and it was delicious.After the food, We ordered a Didi(taxi) and make my way home from the Temple to home.