Project Description

3 Tientsin Mystic 2
Length 47mins*24
Director 田里
Cast 金世佳、王紫璇、张铭恩、陈芊米
  Tian Jin,In the early Republic of China. A young man named Guo Deyou, also be called “young Achelous “, were continueing to trace the source of bad water explosion fan case with his friend Ding Mao. At that time, Cui Fengzi was been cutten in two at the waist accidentally. Then the diplomat spontaneously combusted and died. Big cases happened one by one. During this period, the old man was in prison, and the new man appeared. The relationship of political and business in Tianjin was revealed. And the secret of “nine oxen, two tigers and one chicken” has gradually come to the surface. Let’s see if Guo and Ding can uncover the secret of pursuing the murderer and continue the legend.