Project Description

Length: 2mins
Director: 管波
Cast: 张文泽

诗人在月夜举起酒杯,邀明月共饮,酒后他于月亮及影子共饮酒、共歌舞的唯美境界! 13岁的张文泽热爱诗词文化,他参与策划和创作了许多作品,他希望通过艺术可以更好的促进世界文化艺术交流!
The poem depicted him drinking alone in the flower garden, overwhelmed by the sense of loneliness, proposing the Moon to join him for a drink at the table. Drunkenness left the poet a delusion of reunion of the Moon, the poet and his shadow, Wining and dancing together to the aesthetic realm of harmony.13-year-old Jack loves poetry and culture. He built the Jack’s Art Studio and recorded his own art pieces. He participated in planning Art Without Boundary Event. He hopes to facilitate cultural and artistic exchanges among All people in the world.