Project Description

Length: 102mins
Director: 黄斌
Cast: 辛云来、伍嘉成、张雪迎
The name, Sheng Huainan, had been engraved in Luo Zhi’s heart since childhood. Luo Zhi never thought they would enter the same high school and met him again. Sheng Huainan set an excellent example for Luo Zhi. Luo Zhi took a leaf out of his book and made effort to improve herself for attracting him. Nevertheless, Sheng Huainan was never concerned about Luo Zhi. After the university entrance examination, Luo Zhi decided to live a new life but disturbed by the reappearance of Sheng Huainan. As time went by, they got to know each other and became closer, which emboldened Luo Zhi to confess to their family story. However,the pressure of growth and reality came one after another,how should Luo Zhi face her unrequited love?”