Project Description

1 The Tai Chi Master
Length 94mins
Director 林珍钊、成思宇
Cast 吴樾、柳岩
  At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, the country was faced with domestic troubles and foreign invasion. One day, foreign raiders attempted to attack the city. Zhang Junbao, the eldest disciple of Wuji Sect  stood out and beat back all the attacks with his superb skills in martial arts. Unexpectedly, the foreign raiders, in collusion with the followers of Demon Cult raided Wuji again, and the sect was brutally massacred. In order to revitalize the sect and save all people, Zhang Junbao resolutely embarked on the revenge to eradicate the cult.
南宋末年,国家内忧外患。这日,外族攻城,无极派大弟子张君宝武艺超凡,将外族士兵击退。不料,外族联合魔教教徒再次突袭无极派,无极派惨遭血洗。为振兴门派拯救众生,张君宝毅然踏上了铲除魔教的复 仇之路。