Project Description

6 Zero to Hero
Length 102mins
Director 尹志文
Cast 梁仲恒、吴君如、张继聪、冯皓扬、卢海鹏、钱小豪、胡子彤、麦沛东、杨伟伦、林家熙、钟雪莹
  So Wa Wai was born with lifelong disabilities, in the form of hearing impairment and crippling cerebral palsy.  Under his Mom’s extreme training, Wai learns to walk and is discovered with a talent for running by Coach Fong.  He joins the Hong Kong Para Athletic Team and makes history by winning several Paralympic medals for Hong Kong.  In 2008 at Beijing’s Paralympic Games, the first Paralympics hosted by China, he wins another gold medal while breaking his own world record for Men’s 200m sprint.
苏桦伟天生患有痉挛及弱听,连正常走路都有难度,然而在苏妈铁腕手段的训练下,他不仅学会了走路,还被学校教练方 Sir 发掘出跑步天赋,被邀请加入香港残障田径队,参加多届伤残人士运动会,夺得多面奖牌。 在 2008 年的北京残奥会,伟仔戏剧性夺得冠军,还刷新了男子两百米的世界纪录。