Project Description

Nirvana of Ramie


Length: 0940

Director: Rarivoson Miora Christiana 李语嫣

Chinese summer cloth, also known as “Chinese grass”, began in the Han Dynasty and has taken root in Rongchang for more than 2000 years. The traditional summer cloth manufacturing process is complex and time-consuming. It needs both hands to build a warp and a weft. Each process requires patience and good temper. But now, the industrial production in the information age has brought new challenges to the inheritance and development of Xiabu. Ma LinQin, the young intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Xiabu in Rongchang, and Tang Yi and chenjifeng, the transnational couple of Xiabu guild hall, are making efforts to contribute to the nirvana and rebirth of Xiabu in their own way.