Project Description

Length: 120mins*10
Director: ACE工作室
Cast: 艾热AIR、宝石Gem、BrAnTB白景屹、布瑞吉Bridge、Capper、GAI周延、GALI、功夫胖KUNGFU-PEN、黄旭、ICE杨长青、KEY.L刘聪、李佳隆JelloRio、MCHOTDOG热狗、NINEONE赵馨玥、PACT派克特、Psy.P杨俊逸、盛宇、TizzyT、VaVa毛衍七、万妮达Vinida、王以太、杨和苏KeyNG、早安、张颜齐

This season’s ” The Rap of China” gathers well-known rappers in the Chinese music world to jointly create the” The Rap of China “. They will form an alliance camp to fight for the honor of the team, deconstruct the Chinese rap territory, and win the” Peak Boundary”of Chinese Rap”. The program aims to focus on the top Chinese rap music through the most professional Chinese rap stage competition, lead the audience to enjoy the ultimate rap music stage, improve the overall audience’s appreciation of rap music, reshape the rap music ceiling in the Chinese music arena, and create a Chinese rap “Dream team”.