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English:all for my family


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重庆市石柱县沙子镇龙源村洞古组,一个普通的家庭,村民谭文华一家 7 口,爸爸妈妈、儿子女儿、儿媳孙子孙女,三代同堂。一家人互相帮助,相亲相爱,战胜困难,追求幸福生活。

2014 年女儿得了白血病,是这个家庭最艰难的时候,未过门的儿媳不离不弃,不仅给家人打气鼓劲,还一直照顾妹妹,为全家带来活力和希望。哥哥捐了造血干细胞,虽然欠下了 60 余万元,但妹妹又能健康生活了。一家人团结在一起为了更美好的明天奋斗,现在哥哥研究生毕业参加了工作,有了一双可爱的儿女,妹妹也大学毕业选调到大竹基层工作。父亲在老家种植中药材,妈妈带着孙子孙女和儿子一起在城里,儿媳是镇上的聘用工作人员,回家照顾时常回家照顾父亲。每到周末,就是一家人最开心的时刻, 大家一起团聚在老家的传统三合院木楼民居,其乐融融,共享天伦之乐。就在老宅的不远处,动车在半山腰飞驰而过,伴随着幸福的风,奔向更加幸福美好的明天。


Donggu group, Longyuan village, Shazhen, Shizhu County, Chongqing, is a common family, 7 villagers, tanwenhua, parents, sons and daughters, and grandchildren of their children and daughters in law, and have three generations in the same hall. A family helps each other, loves each other, overcomes difficulties and pursues happy life.

In 2014, her daughter got leukemia, which was the hardest time for the family. The daughter-in-law who had not passed the door was not only encouraging her family, but also taking care of her sister, bringing vitality and hope to the family. Brother donated hematopoietic stem cells, although he owed more than 600000 yuan, but sister can live healthy again. A family united to fight for a better tomorrow. Now my brother graduate students have joined the work, have a lovely pair of children, and my sister is also selected to work in Dazhu grass-roots level after graduation. Father grows Chinese medicine in his hometown. Her mother takes her grandson and son together in the city. Her daughter-in-law is a hired staff in town. When he comes home to take care of him, she often comes home to take care of his father. Every weekend, is the happiest moment for a family. We all come together to enjoy the traditional three courtyard wooden houses in our hometown, enjoying and sharing the joy of heaven and nature. Just not far away from the old house, the motor car flies by on the hillside, with the wind of happiness, and runs to a happier and better tomorrow.

Ordinary people are extraordinary, ordinary people are not mediocre. This is the epitome of the tens of millions of contemporary Chinese families. This story warms you and me, and also lights up the world.