Project Description

Length 40M*60
Director 杨文军
Cast 罗晋、李一桐、黄志忠、苗圃
Xiao Ding Quan (Luo Jin), a Crown Prince is facing enemies from all sides. They not only harm the country but also hurt his loved ones. In order to save his country, he decides to fight against them. In the process, he encounters a maidservant, A Bao ( Li Yi Tong) who hides her real identity, sneaking into the Crown Prince’s residence to seek for revenge. They eventually form an alliance, helping each other to bring peace to the country.
皇太子萧定权(罗晋 饰)面对着来自各个方面的敌人,他们不但危害国家还伤害着他所爱的人。为了拯救自己的国家,他决定与敌人们做艰难斗争。在这个过程中,他遇到了一个伪装身份混入报本宫司机复仇的女官阿宝(李一桐 饰)。二人最终结成联盟,为了国家安定而相持相伴。